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The price is determined by many factors, not a single one. Such as the choice of material, the choice of geographical location, the size of the area and so on, can be the price standard. However, many details of the question can go to eagle eyes to understand, this is still understand more.
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The effect of using enterprise TV cloud information publishing cloud platform for shopping mall information promotion is good. Before, shopping malls used cloud platform to publish promotion information, which is convenient and fast. At the same time, we strengthened our management ability of our own large screen, fully mastered the discourse power of the use of advertising resources, and realized the revenue generation of third-party advertising.
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Enterprise TV cloud information publishing cloud platform, using SaaS technology, advertising video content stored in the cloud, safe and reliable, while supporting one click publishing operation, easy to manage a large number of remote screens, so that advertising information can be timely and efficient delivered to users/
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The indoor full-color LED display has the function of information release, which can select a variety of styles, flexibly control the font size, and its network function can also carry out real-time control while broadcasting network information, and timely adjust according to the needs of customers. Rich playing modes make indoor full-color LED display the best choice for stage performance. The broadcast of LED display mainly supports clear and flicker free video image broadcast and camera function. This point can achieve a variety of live programs, for video images can also be compressed and controlled, but also can play a variety of formats of files, with a variety of display modes/
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1、 System composition:
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As the carrier of information release and advertising media, outdoor LED display generally requires high brightness, high waterproof and dustproof level, long color mixing distance and strong anti ultraviolet ability, which is suitable for long-distance viewing. Therefore, the selection of outdoor LED display screen should first consider the screen waterproof protection, as well as heat dissipation, brightness and visual angle. Mairui optoelectronics is a professional manufacturer of LED display screen. Its products have actual cases all over the country and even abroad. If LZ needs, you can contact them directly for reference only/
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