LED lamp beads

What are the effects of LED lamp beads on LED display?
Author:Lou Sheng   Time:2021-10-09 11:20 Browse(null)
In the LED display, P represents the distance between lamp beads, that is, the distance between two lamp beads, and the unit is mm. For example, P4 represents the center distance between adjacent lamp beads is 4mm, and the density of P4 lamp beads is 62500 points / m2. Therefore, the difference between P8 and P10 is as follows:
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The power consumption is large and the price is high.
Author:Wu Minli   Time:2021-09-26 09:12 Browse(null)
Yes, it can be replaced by a lamp with the same power as the original one.
Author:Gu Xiaomeng   Time:2021-08-09 15:43 Browse(null)
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Do outdoor screen, as long as pay attention to three points. First, waterproof, of course, outdoor box to do; Second, windproof, the larger the screen, the stronger the steel structure must be, and the requirements will be strict. Third, earthquake resistance, that is, resistance to earthquakes of several magnitudes. Strictly speaking, it is necessary to use channel steel, make it into a shape of mouth, fix it with angle iron around, and make screw holes. Both sides are decorated with aluminum plastic panels. It's also made of square tubes.
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Do you know how to judge the quality of outdoor LED display?
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