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Belongs to outdoor advertising, must go to the industry and commerce administration department to apply for installation, industry and Commerce Department, whether you are advertising for individuals or for others, are the same, is reasonable.
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LED outdoor advertising words cadier can be roughly divided into six categories: full body luminous words, single-sided luminous words, three-dimensional luminous words, surround luminous words, plastic luminous words, colorful luminous words. The common fonts are: 1, there are plane luminous characters, plastic luminous characters, resin luminous characters, 2, stainless steel exposed lamp beads luminous characters, 3, LED light box, display screen, electronic screen, 4, led exposed perforated characters, led building luminous characters, LED three-dimensional luminous characters, led tin characters, etc.
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The future will usher in a new era of LED,    With the progress of social science and technology and the development of outdoor advertising, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor media. Traditional street signs, light boxes, single columns, neon lights and other forms of expression, single outdoor media has been unable to meet the needs of the audience
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Outdoor door electronic LED display also belongs to outdoor advertising.
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The demand of outdoor advertisement is getting higher and higher
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"Led flip on both sides", also known as LED flip screen or LED flip on three sides, is a kind of high-end outdoor advertising media combining led full-color screen and spray painting picture. The dynamic photo effect of "led flip on both sides" in the daytime and the vivid film and television picture on the LED display screen in the evening attract people's attention, making outdoor advertising realize the perfect combination of day and night, It gives full play to the advantages of three sided display in the daytime and display in the night, and realizes the complementary advantages of three sided display and display. You can also switch between the two media according to the advertising needs, so that your advertising effect can be fully displayed.
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I think the prospect should be OK, but it should not be as good as outdoor advertising at present. After all, the n-side flipping of outdoor advertising is still very easy to do. The main reason is that some big companies are doing expensive advertising like this. Small companies are hard to do it first. Secondly, compared with outdoor advertising, it is more difficult to appeal for the core competitiveness of LED products. After all, although there are many people, there are many advertising contents, It's hard to move the audience all at once and influence the effect of advertising.
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Current situation of LED display: at present, due to the high cost of LED display, it is mainly used in high-end places, mainly concentrated in the prosperous places of the city, as a part of multimedia advertising. Single and double color LED display screen is mainly used in transportation, highway, banking, securities trading and other financial places.
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I've also studied this problem. I'll probably talk about the advantages of LED display. Well, I can't tell why. You can find it online
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What software do you use? There are more software on the market now. I can't explain it to you. Please consult 13389260871 for details/
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Led trivision: it is a high-tech product of the optimized combination of LED electronic display and trivision. It integrates low consumption, high efficiency and environmental protection. It is the highest embodiment of wisdom and creativity. Its principle is to replace one side of aluminum alloy triangular prism with LED display module, and the other two sides with spray painting, Therefore, it not only has the majestic and gorgeous LED display screen, but also has the magnificent momentum of three side flip. Not only that, it also inherits and carries forward the respective functions and advantages of traditional LED display screen and three side flip. It can not only play LED video all day, but also automatically switch two jets/
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Advantages of outdoor large-scale electronic display screen for advertising:
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The approval of LED large screen advertising depends on the help of someone in your government. No, if it's related, it can be approved within a week. If it's not related, it's more troublesome. It may take a month or more. It's mainly different from place to place!
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First of all, we need to obtain the outdoor advertising agency letter of the building where the LED is located, that is, the popular position contract, which can be a power of attorney, or a contract with the property or the unit to which the building belongs;
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Outdoor LED large screen advertising is the third largest media after TV and newspaper. It is an important part of cultural industry and a typical representative of creative economy. It is directly related to the level of city taste and image, and is closely related to people's daily life. At present, the governments of various places, especially large and medium-sized cities, support the establishment of LED display outdoor advertising to enhance the taste of the city. The units that need to set up outdoor LED large screen should first take a copy of the business license to the industrial and commercial office in their jurisdiction to get the outdoor advertising registration form; Secondly, take the completed registration form to outdoor advertising office, traffic brigade, municipal garden and other departments to cover/
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Municipal civilization office, urban management office, Planning Bureau, industrial and commercial bureau, Public Security Bureau, mainly Transportation Bureau)
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LED is mainly used for landscape lighting projects, bars, KTV and other color lighting effects
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Yingmu outdoor media network arranges and publishes the model planning document of outdoor advertisement as follows:
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outdoor advertising
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First of all, you need to know the difference between advertising companies and media companies. The registered capital of advertising companies and media companies are different! Moreover, the media must have its own media form! You mainly use LCD electronic screen. I don't know if it's LED. At present, the competition of LED is very big, no matter which city or industry, I personally suggest that you can go to a company engaged in led to work and learn some experience!
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