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"Led flip on both sides", also known as LED flip screen or LED flip on three sides, is a kind of high-end outdoor advertising media combining led full-color screen and spray painting picture. The dynamic photo effect of "led flip on both sides" in the daytime and the vivid film and television picture on the LED display screen in the evening attract people's attention, making outdoor advertising realize the perfect combination of day and night, It gives full play to the advantages of three sided display in the daytime and display in the night, and realizes the complementary advantages of three sided display and display. You can also switch between the two media according to the advertising needs, so that your advertising effect can be fully displayed. The advantages of LED double flip L/
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There is no such big film on the Internet, so we can only find a photographer to take one/
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Types: 1. "S" type billboards - billboards with an area of more than 250 square meters, such as super large billboards distributed on the roof of large buildings and roadsides;
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It depends on how large it is. If it's big enough, you can only use large frames. The general 135 is definitely not good. Nikon's D3x is higher, but it's not good if it's enlarged.
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1、 When to launch outdoor advertising
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Outdoor advertising is not the same as other media advertising. Large outdoor advertising is basically the "patent" of large enterprises, so the "big net" way of other advertising media business will not work, so how can we share the share if we want to "specialized", limited enterprises and limited advertising expenses?
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It may be caused by LED drive power failure, or it may be caused by poor line contact. Only after inspection can we know the reason, or consult Li technetium photoelectric!
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As long as it is carried out outdoors, people, streaming media, spray painting, light box,... Which has a promotional effect on products, billboards are the most common and practical.
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It also includes LED electronic display. Divided into monochrome, two-color, full-color. In addition to the price of full-color is too expensive, the rest is acceptable, generally 2000-3000 yuan per square meter. Outdoor flat use the multiple of 320mm. The height is a multiple of 160. The indoor width is a multiple of 488mm, and the high position is a multiple of 244mmm. It is easy to use and can change information at any time. Future trends.
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Outdoor billboard is a good advertising media. First of all, we should recognize our own advantages, such as the location, location and size of the first-class advertisement, and what is the advertising arrival rate for customers; What are the shortcomings? What means can be used to make up for these shortcomings? This is to tell the customer clearly, so that the customer can understand the value of your billboard; Second, target customers should be identified. Most outdoor advertisements are aimed at large enterprises, such as automobile and shopping malls; Third, we need to go to each enterprise to run the market, that is to run the business! That's about it. Other details/
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The price is determined by many factors, not a single one. Such as the choice of material, the choice of geographical location, the size of the area and so on, can be the price standard. However, many details of the question can go to eagle eyes to understand, this is still understand more.
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Wall advertisement
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1. Electric sign advertisement
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Outdoor large-scale spray painting and computer draft production
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Outdoor advertising can be divided into categories: 1 painting, 2 light source, 3 electronics, 4 transportation, 5 air, etc.
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How to put it? I'm in this business. I understand your passion and hard work. My many years of experience is that advertising is inseparable from three elements: resources, contacts and expertise. Resources are your advertising platform, such as the factory fence. As for the specialty, it is some advertising design. It doesn't matter. Hire someone to design it.
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With the development of economy, the forms of outdoor advertising are more and more abundant. The main popular forms of outdoor advertising are: bus shelters, light boxes on both sides of the road, big brand advertising space, roadside billboards, high column billboards (commonly known as anti-aircraft guns), light boxes, neon billboards, LED billboards, etc. After a period of rapid development, the speed of outdoor advertising has slowed down, and the competitive market has gradually shifted to the second and third tier cities. There are many advantages of outdoor advertising: low cost per thousand people, various forms, unlimited creativity, size, location and impact. Here do not do too much paste copy, detailed advantages can go to see, understand more thoroughly, I hope you/
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I agree with the two people on the floor. If you use vector software, don't forget to output TIFF pictures to spray painting companies. Most spray painting companies have already used four-color spray painting. CMYK mode is OK. If you use three color inkjet, after the file is laminated, it will be changed to CMY three color by calculation or channel mixer. If the file is too large for transmission, JPG can also be used, and the compression rate should not be too low, and the minimum compression rate should not be less than 6.
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Chuangtufang has strong design ability and high cost performance
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