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1、 Don't be greedy for the cheap
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First of all, the existing LED display is also a liquid crystal display. Led refers to LED backlight, the traditional liquid crystal backlight lamp
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Increase the driving voltage: the research results show that as long as the driving voltage of the splicing screen is doubled to the original basis, the response time can be shortened from 50 ms to 5 ms. Therefore, some technicians want to shorten the response time by increasing the drive voltage of the did splicing screen system. Of course, this method also has some negative effects. The splicing screen is composed of liquid crystal panel, the increased voltage will form an overshoot voltage, which will make it more difficult for the liquid crystal to return, resulting in a lot of extended drop time and gray-scale response time. And excessive compensation will also lead to certain harm, will lead to/
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As long as you carefully look at the parameters of the LCD splicing screen, you will find that one of them is very strange, that is, the response time. What is the response time for? Isn't the information on the big screen displayed in real time? Here Prudential display technology for you to talk about a simple and popular, so that everyone's consumption is clear.
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S-lcd is a liquid crystal panel manufacturing plant jointly funded by Samsung of South Korea and Sony of Japan, which mainly produces PVA (patterned)
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Experts suggest buying LCD TV with hard panel
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S-lcd is a liquid crystal panel manufacturing plant jointly funded by Samsung of South Korea and Sony of Japan, which mainly produces PVA (patterned)
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The t220g resolution is 1680 × one thousand and fifty
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1. Samsung
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VA Technology
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VA Technology
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It mainly depends on the response time.... The less the better
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If you need to know Samsung's current popular models and pre listed models, it is recommended to log in to Samsung's official website for reference. If you need to buy products, you can buy them in regular stores, such as Samsung designated stores, Samsung mall, tmall Samsung official flagship stores, large shopping malls, etc.
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Ten years / five years
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Now that I'm talking about 17 inch LCD, let me talk about several models on the market
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Now it is recommended to consider high-definition when buying monitor
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General screen:
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