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Now you can watch TV on the monitor without additional accessories, such as the 22-26 TV monitor of youpai
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, ASUS's LCD screen purchasing Qimei
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Samsung display is a world famous brand with the following advantages:
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Samsung display is a world famous brand with the following advantages:
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It depends on whether the screen is imported or domestic. Samsung's low-end products also use domestic screens, and AOC's high-end products also use imported screens. A penny a cent goods, official website flagship store to buy good. Most of them are OEM, the brand is not important.
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It's best for you to go to the computer city and see for yourself. The subjective feeling of the monitor accounts for a large proportion. It's very likely that if one person says something good, another person thinks it's not good. Look for the one you feel most comfortable with. Pay attention to the bad points and the severity of light leakage when selecting.
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http://www.pcpop.com/doc/0/392/392995.shtml Here are all the quotations for monitors
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In the case of the same size, there are several reasons for the price gap: brand, panel, advertising, positioning, after-sales and channels. 1. Brand; For example, do you think Sony is good or homemade Shanzhai Sany? If you choose the former only by the appeal of the brand, then you have to pay for the brand. 2. About 80% of the cost of a LCD is concentrated on the panel. There are only a few companies that master the core technology of the panel: Samsung, LG Philips, Youda, etc. due to the differences in the technical level of each company, the LCD panels produced are roughly divided into different types. Common/
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LCD manufacturers include LG, SD, BOE and Youda.
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HKC monitor is a brand of cooperation between Huike and Samsung, which is a good domestic brand. Good quality, beautiful appearance, low price compared with Samsung, Sony and so on.
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Playing games and the display used to fix pictures,
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TV is TV. Few TV companies have core technology. For example, Sony has its own chip to process mainland signals
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Monitor not only depends on the size, but also depends on the brand. Now 17 LCD is not very common in the market, new words Samsung
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About 17 inches in 1950:
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TV is a kind of TV, and few TV companies have core technology, such as Sony, which has its own chip to process mainland signal
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IPS refers to the IPS panel, led now generally refers to the LED backlight, the two do not conflict, now the mainstream configuration is IPS + LED
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