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The resolution of TV is different from that of computer
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The basic principle of LCD and LCD TV used in computer is actually the same.
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1. Samsung
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Ten years / five years
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Seven details of LCD
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Dot distance is the pixel distance of LED display screen.
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One of the main technical specifications of display 7a6869616fe58685e5aeb931333433623763 includes resolution, scanning frequency, refresh frequency, dot distance, response time, brightness and contrast, size, etc.
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Technical index of LCD TV
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No difference, the same display, but the TV will be troublesome, low resolution, but also set the input signal mode and so on. For example, a 19 inch LCD has a resolution of 1440 x900, but a 42 inch LCD TV is only 1366 x768. Of course, this is only a low-end LCD TV, and the expensive one can still reach 1920 x1280
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Due to different application fields, the screen, size, brightness, contrast, color gamut, color temperature, response time and interface of display and TV are different. In their respective fields, it can be said that they can not perfectly replace each other.
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Main differences:
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The default standard gamma value of PC monitor is 2.2. Although it is difficult for consumer monitor to achieve complete accuracy, the mainstream products in the market will not differ too much. The PC host is also the signal output set to adapt to the gamma value of 2.2. In this way, we can see the accurate (or nearly accurate) color performance of the display.
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There are many differences:
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There will be radiation, but it's much smaller than the flat one. The LCD has 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches and so on.
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