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This ah, to find a professional on the right, Kewei photoelectric Baidu about, specializing in the production of LED display manufacturers, is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the professional enterprises!
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Hello, support diversified interfaces: the whole machine has HDMI, VGA, AV interface, RJ45 and other professional interfaces.
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Samsung ex2220x, offer 1059 yuan. The main parameters are as follows, very good:
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At present, there are mainly two kinds of data transmission modes of display screen: one is the real-time video screen which displays the same content as the computer; The other is the independent video source display screen which sends the display content to the display screen through USB, Ethernet and other communication means. If the wireless communication mode is adopted, the display content can be updated at any time with high flexibility. In addition, using a set of embedded system to replace the computer to provide video source can not only reduce the cost, but also have high feasibility and flexibility, easy to engineering construction. Therefore, the demand of independent video source LED display system is growing.
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LCD and LED are different in backlight materials, and the display principle is the same, so the interface is basically the same. As long as the output interface of the TV box is the same as that of the display, the display can be connected.
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Seeing your question, I have to talk about the difference between LCD and led
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In this case, a computer should be connected with two monitors. In this case, the user will expand the desktop of the system to two monitors. In this way, the work area will become larger and the visual area will increase. Some software with more operation panels can be used to operate without switching back and forth in the panel, which is often used in multimedia, such as advertising production.
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LCM (LCM module) is the LCD display module, which integrates glass and LCD driver together
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It's a good idea to have an external TV box. I've heard that he used a Tongwei TV box. At the beginning, he could connect it directly
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LCD module and MCU
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What do you mean
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This question is more professional, there is no specification, no connection mode, no detailed description of the effect to be achieved, no accurate answer.
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Different manufacturers use different raw materials, the price will be different. The price difference of display screen mainly lies in lamp chip, driver chip, switching power supply, control software, frame design and so on. Pay more attention to these aspects when buying.
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Most of them are OK, but we should pay attention to the following points:
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Zero radiation, low energy consumption, low heat dissipation.
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At present, the market is full of LCD, and the maintenance of LCD is more difficult than that of CRT. This paper will explain some knowledge and technology of LCD maintenance.
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IPS screen has high clarity, and playing games is not as good as LED,
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Look at the communication interface of LED control card
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