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LED display screen, also known as electronic display screen, is composed of LED dot matrix and led
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LED display screen, also known as electronic display screen, is composed of LED dot matrix and led
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Ordinary LCD TV screen does not support continuous use day and night. LCD splicing screen is designed for monitoring center and display center, and supports continuous use for 7x24 hours.
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I think it's better for you to visit the site. Shenzhen Nino Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous professional LCD splicing manufacturer in China. It has its own factory. If you look at the whole process by yourself, you'll see.
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First of all, it is the problem of cognition. There is no good concept of display screen. If we do outdoor or indoor banner display and large screen display, we usually choose LED display screen; Generally, LCD splicing screen is used for indoor conference display, that is, there is no comparability, just whether it is suitable for you or not.
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It depends on your use. The electronic display consumes a lot of power, but there is no gap. The LCD splicing screen consumes a little power, but there is a gap. If you use it outside the room, the LCD splicing screen can't be used.
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Now there are two 55 inch models, one is 55 inch 5.3 stitched, and the other is 55 inch 3.5 stitched. The sizes of the two models are a little different. The specific manufacturer's shell is different, so there may be some small differences. The 5.3 stitched model should be 1215.5 * 686.3; 3.5 the joint should be 1213.5 * 683.2
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Did splicing screen is LCD splicing screen, which is called differently.
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Zhongyu Shitong's 55 inch splicing screen is divided into two categories: 3.5mm splicing gap and 5.3mm splicing gap. These two categories are divided into 500 brightness and 700 brightness, commonly known as low brightness and high brightness. The 55 inch splicing screen has two brands of LG and Samsung. There are eight total products. Samsung's quality is better than LG's, but the cost will be higher. LG's quality is a little lower than Samsung's, so it's cheaper. The display area of 55 inch LCD splicing screen is 1209.6 * 680.4, with Samsung's 3.9-5.3 double stitching; Lg3.5 1.8/
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Classification of LED displays:
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I haven't heard of their company, but I'm sure their price is definitely higher than that in Shenzhen, because 90% of the large screen manufacturers are concentrated in Shenzhen (limited by the problems of raw materials and transportation). It is no exaggeration to say that to choose the splicing screen, it is best to purchase in Shenzhen.
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Yes, DLP has both advantages and disadvantages, so the mainstream is LCD splicing screen
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Hunan jingweibo technology professional [LCD splicing], [seamless splicing screen], [LED electronic display screen] product qualification is complete, cost-effective, with 12 mandatory certification.
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LCD belongs to LCD splicing screen, DLP splicing is the principle of rear projection. At present, most of the LCD screens are used, because this LCD screen splicing can be spliced at will, and many pieces can be spliced into a large screen. I hope it will help you.
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Design of 3.5mm double side seam of Zhongyu Shitong splicing screen
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The 46 inch LCD panel looks like four or five thousand, but it depends on what kind of stitching it is, because the price of different stitching LCD panels is different. The narrower the stitching, the more expensive it is
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Your question is too general
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46 inch LCD splicing screen, ultra narrow edge LCD splicing curtain wall - features
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1、 LCD is a LCD splicing screen, mainly including TFT, ufb, TFD, STN and other types of LCD splicing screen.
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