Philips display

As long as you don't use water or chemicals to wipe it, the simple and effective thing is to wipe glasses cloth!
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The size of the TV panel is the size of the LCD panel, but in fact it can not be achieved because of the frame occlusion. So there's a minimum size, which is your maximum visual size.
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1. Try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time
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Maintenance of LCD
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Hello, LED display can be cut off directly, but for safety, it's better to install a switch.
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If it's a monitor, only Samsung is a professional monitor maker of the above three brands. Others in the LCD product industry can be said to be rubbish
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Standing on the top of "vision" field
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1、 What is the factory mode of display?
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LED is better, LED can be thinner, and the uniformity of light is better. At present, better displays have fully used LED as the standard.
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Many of them are big, such as EMC in Sakata, Huike in Bao'an, jinxingguang in Gongming, Great Wall group and Skyworth Group in Shiyan. The small ones are numerous.
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Self - claimed well, you also say so, he said the universe's largest has not to say, ha ha
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Samsung, LG, sharp, Youda, Philips, Sony, Qimei
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Taiwan's Qimei, Youda, Caijing, Zhonghua yingguan, giant plus, weishijing, etc
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LCD backlight refers to the lamp, light guide plate, reflector, astigmatism.
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The display is basically 19
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Dell display
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Pay attention to protection, frequent cleaning, screen protection, don't bump and so on.
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With the maturity of LCD technology and the popularization of price, LCD began to stride into the field of ordinary consumption. Now, many people's desktop displays have been upgraded, and the number of LCD displays on the market is rising rapidly. So how to maintain the LCD has been concerned by more and more consumers. In this regard, the reporter interviewed LG Electronics, a professional LCD manufacturer, and asked their engineers to provide us with some good suggestions.
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The monitor is one of the most important parts in the whole computer. After all, it is the direct embodiment of the computer performance and the equipment facing the eyes. It is related to health and face problems. So it is particularly important to choose a good LCD
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