LED display screen

Electronic display screen is through the software to change the word, change the display speed and so on.
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What are the effects of LED lamp beads on LED display?
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Suzhou Hecai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
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Shenzhen Xingguang led Co., Ltd. specializes in the maintenance of full-color LED display screen, stage LED large screen, square LED advertising screen, single and double color LED display screen.
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What kind of content does the owner want to play?
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How to operate LED large screen advertising, this problem is very extensive! Here are my suggestions:
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LED is known as a green light source, which neither contains mercury nor leaks ultraviolet light, so it is more healthy than fluorescent lamp, and the energy conversion efficiency is more than twice that of fluorescent lamp, so it is a kind of lighting source with great energy saving potential. All LED lights use direct current, because it uses light-emitting diodes, not metal light, so the radiation level is very low. In addition, there is no stroboscopic, and the diodes work in one direction, which can protect the eyes from myopia. For pregnant women, if they use environmental protection products such as LED lights, their own health and family health are guaranteed, so there is no need to worry about the radiation problem of LED display
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Large electronic screen is led display screen; The large-scale electronic screen advertisement is also the advertisement which plays on the LED display screen. History is not very clear, only know is a few years ago from abroad into the domestic, in recent years, the real rise of advertising forms. In the past, due to the lack of clarity of LED, the image was not clear and the brightness was not enough. Now, the clarity of LED is almost comparable to that of digital TV. At present, the prospect of the whole LED advertising is still very good, because it can provide more colorful, almost the same picture as TV advertising. As for large electronic screen advertising, the most important thing is to set the location, which must be the absolute gold location in the city center/
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It is an inevitable trend for LED display to replace outdoor billboards
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Fellow, it's a pity that I don't do sales. I suggest you look at the website and contact information of Shenzhen LED display production company. After all, this is the base; There is monochrome screen, a lot of companies now do not take oh, make less loss more
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? How to design ads for ED displays is also a matter that many investors have considered carefully.
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Is connected with the computer and through the computer at any time to modify the information content, at the same time can not be controlled by the computer.
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First of all, we limit some conditions. For outdoor advertising, we plan according to the market situation in 2016. The most reasonable product selection should be P10 outdoor full-color LED display. As a reference, we analyze the cost of some LED advertising screen investment.
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At present, Shenzhen is the strongest in China, with thousands of large and small LED display manufacturers. As for which one is better, it depends on which way you look at it, whether the requirements are high or not, the price, budget, use, etc.
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LED display screen engineer interview self introduction
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Hospital's LED display screen: it's allowed to play the relevant rules and regulations, hospital profile, Department profile, charging standards, etc. of your own hospital, but you can't advertise to others in a profitable way
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Transparent LED display screen is a LED display screen assembled with light bars. The principle of transparent LED display screen is the same as that of traditional LED display screen. There are many manufacturers in China, and there are many in Shenzhen.
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Connect a control card with enough control points at the entrance of the display screen. Install the driver on the computer and use the control card to control the display screen!
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