Electronic display screen

LED screen is divided into indoor, semi outdoor, outdoor, and monochrome, two-color, full-color, the price also varies greatly. It depends on which one you choose. The price is 3500-5500 yuan / m2
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What are the advantages of electronic market/
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If the software can't be found, the supplier who can directly sell your display screen is asking for it, or depending on which factory produces the control card, go to their website to download one, and if they can't find it, replace the card/
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After the LED electronic display is finished
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LED display control card is used, including U-disk card, network port connection card and Internet LED control card. The Internet LED control card newly developed by Advantech connects to the Internet to realize remote control and cluster management, so that the LED display control is not limited by distance. It is an updated product of traditional U-disk card and network port card.
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It also depends on the distance between the computer controlling the LED display and the LED display. Generally, you can use the network cable below 100 meters, from 100 meters to 500 meters
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The main reason is that the after-sales service is considerate and the attitude is correct/
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Indoor and outdoor LED electronic display
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Per square meter
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Lingxinyu system self-test is not found to send the card, reported the error. Check whether the serial port cable of the sending card is plugged in.
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Look under the big screen
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LED display
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There are many displays made in Mianyang. There is a display called Green Carbon photoelectric, which is very good in quality, price and after-sales service. Tel: 0816-2392327
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Monochrome at 2800 yuan / m2
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Actual area of display screen:
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There are two possible reasons! One is the control card setting, zoning reasons, there is a power problem. So is the row line
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Hello, honey, you can cut off the power directly
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In fact, it's not very difficult... LED matrix is available in the electronic market...... It can be customized according to your requirements... It depends on the area you make... The cost is high.... You can first calculate, a bright LED about 2 cents (red diameter 5mm) how much area to how many led.. And the base... Circuit part can be self-made, if the requirement is not high, use C51/
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