Troubleshooting of outdoor module of LED display screen (taking p10-1r as an example)
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The circuit of P10 display screen is in series. The repair method is introduced as follows:
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In other words, what is the difference between the two?
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I have done such a graduation project, 16 * 64 dot matrix display screen, can be a variety of display, time, temperature and other functions.
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My friend, are you in the LED industry? What are you talking about,,,
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What are the commonly used ICs for LED large screen? Here is a brief summary of the common ICs for your reference
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The landlord doesn't mean that. He means to display the data tempreceived by the serial port on LCD1602. You put the LCD_ write_ string(x,y,string); The program in it will be posted. I'll help you to have a look
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Unit board:
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The difference between LED dot matrix screen and LED display screen is that the brightness of LED dot matrix screen is relatively low. The first mock exam of LED is LED, which is a module. It is usually packaged with modules. 8*8 lamps are usually a module. The module in LED display is a minimum display unit, which includes circuit boards, LED, bottom shells, mask and so on. Generally, multiple modules are first assembled into a box (generally, the length and width of the box are not more than 1m), and then the box is installed into the LED display screen required by customers. Because of this, the specific module of LED dot matrix screen limits the driving mode of LED dot matrix screen, which directly affects that its brightness can not reach very high/
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