Because of the different resolution, TV generally can not reach a very high resolution. Like the more advanced TV now, the general picture can reach 1020p. Specific you can go to Baidu to search.
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The backlight voltage of the standard 1602 LCD (blue screen) is 0 ~ 5V, and the brightness varies with the backlight voltage.
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Usually 14 pin or 16 pin, the problem of LCD1602 usually appears in the port connection and software code, the application of LCD1602 needs to pay attention to the function description of each pin, correct wiring. LCD abnormal display, in terms of hardware mainly consider pin connection, hardware contact is good
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1、 Input devices (e.g. keyboard, microphone): we want to send the instructions to the computer (e.g. typing, recording)
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What you said seems to be a character display problem. If you have a font screen, it's very convenient to display characters by using single quotation marks, such as "a". If you don't have a font screen, you need to add spaces when calling some online codes, such as "
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1、 Input devices (e.g. keyboard, microphone): we want to send the instructions to the computer (e.g. typing, recording)
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(1) Why is it called 1602 (16x2, display 2 rows, 16 characters in each row). The number of characters that can be displayed is 32, but the number of pixels is not 32, because a character is composed of multiple pixels. It is possible that a character is composed of 5 * 7=35 pixels, or 6 * 8=48 pixels. But we don't have to worry about it, because LCD1602 has a built-in word library.
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Add an n-line output buffer, write the output content to the buffer first, and record the actual number of data lines in the buffer
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1. Introduction
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Before LCD1602 displays characters, you need to input the address of the characters. This is also the reason why you need to add one to each character. In the following code, you will understand how to set the address, how to add one to the address automatically, how to clear the screen, and how to display characters. I hope you can understand it
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1602 LCD module internal cgrom has stored 160 different dot matrix character graphics, these characters are: Arabic numerals, English letter case, commonly used symbols, and Japanese kana, etc., each character has a fixed code, such as the upper case English letter "a" code is 01000001b (41h), When the display module displays the dot matrix character graphics in address 41h, we can see the letter "a". There is a DDRAM in 1602, namely display data RAM, which is used to store the character code to be displayed, with a total of 80 bytes.
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Product specification: length x width x height
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LCD (liquid crystal display module) is a kind of component that assembles LCD, connector, integrated circuit, PCB, backlight and structure together
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Original publisher: 1170430041
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Is it simulation? Or in kind?
Author:Yu Ying   Time:2021-07-20 14:36 Browse(null) You go to this one to have a look. The introduction is very detailed. I bought it here too. It's very useful.
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Lce or led
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