image resolution

1、 Don't be greedy for the cheap
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The resolution of TV is different from that of computer
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1. Try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time
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It's better not to use LCD TV screen instead of computer screen. Due to different application fields, the screen, size, brightness, contrast, gamut, color temperature, response time, interface and so on are different. In their respective fields, it can be said that they can not perfectly replace each other.
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Outdoor advertising belongs to spray painting. If you want to have a resolution of 32, indoor photography requires a resolution of 300, and Internet use requires a resolution of 72
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I suggest you use Photoshop to do it. Of course, you can choose AI or CDR. You don't have to worry about the size. More often, you should consider the resolution. Next, I'll introduce you to the basic knowledge of spray painting
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I suggest you use Photoshop to do it. Of course, you can choose AI or CDR. You don't have to worry about the size. More often, you should consider the resolution. Next, I'll introduce you to the basic knowledge of spray painting
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1. Size: inkjet image size and actual requirements of the screen size is the same, it is different from printing, do not need to leave "bleeding" part. Inkjet printing companies generally leave "white edge" in the output picture (generally 10cm). You can and inkjet output company agreed to leave how many centimeters of the edge used to make "buttonholes.". The price is calculated per square meter, so the screen size is in centimeters. The output image does not need "bleeding", but can be drawn according to the actual size.
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Hello, video processor is the witness and landmark equipment of the birth, growth and maturity of LED full-color display screen. In this process, led special video processing equipment is gradually becoming mature. The advantages and disadvantages of LED video processor directly affect the display effect of LED display screen. In general, LED video processor is a special video processor for LED. The task it needs to complete is simply to convert the image signal from the outside (such as Blu ray DVD, computer, HD player box, etc.) into the signal that the LED display can accept. The quality of LED video processor directly affects the display effect of LED display screen.
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When you watch all kinds of music concerts or large-scale parties, do you find that there are always colorful display effects on the large screen, with all kinds of lighting effects. After all, how do these large screens come together? Have you ever thought about it? Today, the editor of Tuba rabbit will bring you the explanation of the patchwork of these screens. I hope you can benefit a lot from it after opening your eyes.
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SLCD is English spice
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This paper summarizes the common solutions to the fuzzy phenomenon of LCD splicing screen
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1. Rear projection splicing curtain wall
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Method / step
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The factors that should be paid attention to in selecting the brightness of LCD splicing screen are as follows:
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A: There is no image when power on. The monitor is broken
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The projector has now gone deep into people's lives, whether it is to watch blockbusters, or teaching or business demonstrations, have been inseparable from the help of the projector. Moreover, the price of projector is getting cheaper and cheaper, which also causes many consumers to want to buy a projector to avoid the hidden danger of large screen and large picture. However, for those consumers who first contact with projectors, what performance indicators should they pay attention to when purchasing projectors? I'm afraid it's a bit difficult. But don't worry, let's introduce in detail the three major performance indicators that can't be ignored when purchasing the projector.
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Home projector with high cost performance, free display combination design, mature technology has attracted more and more consumers. It is worth noting that the home projector is different from the educational and commercial projectors. Due to the particularity of its own use environment and application, the technical characteristics of the home projector are very distinct. Let's analyze how to select the home projector
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Lumen: brightness unit, which determines the size of the projection area. The higher the brightness, the larger the screen that can be projected, and the more occasions it can be used.
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You actually asked two questions:
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