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LCD can refer to the mobile phone, that is, the resolution is very low, generally with backlight, digital display screen reference calculator screen, no backlight, LCD's expensive point, functions are similar
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OLED liquid crystal will emit light without backlight. LCD liquid crystal will not emit light, so backlight transmission is needed to see the display content.
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Generally, it only comes with a protective film to prevent friction with packaging materials. This film will affect the use effect, and users will tear it off before the first use.
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Many netizens easily associate OLED with LED backlight, which is widely hyped by manufacturers. In fact, OLED and LED backlight are completely different display technologies. OLEDs emit light by driving the organic film itself with current. The light emitted can be red, green, blue, white and other monochromatic, and can also achieve full-color effect. So OLED is a new luminous principle different from CRT, led and liquid crystal technology.
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There are two types of displays:
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The causes of bad points
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What kind of Regent screen? The bright screen is called by the manufacturer. If you press the screen by hand, it will change color, which is called soft screen / no response, which is called hard screen. Description of various LCD screen types (TFT, TFD, ufb, STN, DSTN, OLED, GF, CG, etc.)
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You asked that question.
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1、 Different subjects
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1. Jinqiu electronics, 2. Zhongshan Anka electronic technology, 3. Fuda technology company, 4. Dejin company
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Just use
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There are two kinds of displays, LCD and CRT. Generally speaking, if they are not used properly, they are harmful to eyes, but CRT is much bigger!
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The causes of bad points
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For the more complex color display that needs to be used in laptop or desktop LCD display, it also needs to have a color filter layer specially dealing with color display. Usually, in the color LCD panel, each pixel is composed of three liquid crystal cells, and each cell has a red, green, or blue filter in front of it. In this way, light from different cells can show different colors on the screen.
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(1) Physical properties of liquid crystal
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1. LCD image dislocation
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Liquid crystal is a kind of organic compound, liquid crystal display (liquid crystal)
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test whether there are bright spots and dark spots. If you don't know how to ask the merchant to do it for you, just look at it carefully. Don't listen to the business commitment, everything is subject to the warranty. If an individual business has some special extra promises, remember to ask him to write them on the invoice. Otherwise, if it's just a verbal promise, he won't admit it when he comes to him later.
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The following is from
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