LED light source

LCD (liquid crystal screen) itself can not emit light, to be exact, it is shading. In order to display the restored image, it is necessary to use the background light source (backlight) to transmit the LCD screen to get the image.
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LED is known as a green light source, which neither contains mercury nor leaks ultraviolet light, so it is more healthy than fluorescent lamp, and the energy conversion efficiency is more than twice that of fluorescent lamp, so it is a kind of lighting source with great energy saving potential. All LED lights use direct current, because it uses light-emitting diodes, not metal light, so the radiation level is very low. In addition, there is no stroboscopic, and the diodes work in one direction, which can protect the eyes from myopia. For pregnant women, if they use environmental protection products such as LED lights, their own health and family health are guaranteed, so there is no need to worry about the radiation problem of LED display
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Narrow edge LCD splicing screen at least more than 30000
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Certainly not. Your previous bulbs were all made of high-pressure mercury. Now how can you change the LED, voltage, light path and so on? Now LED light source projector brightness is the highest, less than 500 lumens, or much worse.
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Traditional light source: high calorific value, short service life, high long-term replacement cost
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At present, LCD is still the mainstream
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First of all, the application of LED light source can open up a new way for the miniaturization of projector body. Due to the small size of LED light source, it is very suitable for the research and development of more compact projector components, making the projection products more portable; Moreover, LED is also a real sense of cold light source, the working process will not produce a lot of heat like traditional bulbs, which is very conducive to the heat dissipation of projection products, and it is easier to control the noise; LED light source has a long life, which means that the projector does not need to replace the bulb as frequently as before, increasing the cost of later use.
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Is a projector worth hundreds of dollars reliable
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The brightness of LED projector is not enough, and the picture loses details. I never recommend single-chip LCD technology is too backward, only suitable for DIY. So you are not recommended to buy similar products. I personally think LED projection is only suitable for outdoor viewing, such as in tents.
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LED light source projector, brightness is very small, refers to the light bulb with LED.
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The English of LED is light
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LCD is one of the most advanced projectors in the world, which is invented by Sony and Epson in Japan. It is one of the most advanced projectors in the world. It uses the world's advanced high brightness ultra-high voltage professional projection bulb. Very good definition, very good color brightness effect. Now many cinemas are also using Sony LCD projectors worth more than 1 million yuan.
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Hello friend, LCD and LED are two kinds of light sources for LCD TV. LCD is a lamp tube, which has the advantages of high brightness, bright image and large energy consumption. The lamp tube life is about 6000 hours, and the good one can reach 10000 hours,
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LED is a new technology, there is no way to compare brightness with LCD
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The differences between LED projector and LCD projector are as follows:
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Compared with the traditional backlight technology, led, as the backlight of LCD, has many unique advantages in addition to its advantages in gamut range
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1. LED backlight display refers to the display with LED as backlight. For example, a large part of our LCD is LED backlight. Compared with LED backlight display, there are CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlight display; 2. The LED backlight used in LCD TV can be white, red, green and blue. In high-end products, multi-color LED backlight can be used to further improve the color expression. For example, Mitsubishi Electric released the LCD with six primary color LED backlight on sid2005. The thickness of LCD TV with LED backlight is about 5cm, which is slightly thinner than traditional LCD TV. 3.../
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The difference between LCD and led
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