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As a matter of fact, the LED display used by the public is not complicated. If you have a certain knowledge of circuit and computer, you can learn how to assemble and operate. Shenzhen Mingpai Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of LED display series and supporting products, from module unit board to power aluminum profile and control card. Interested advertising companies can buy a series of supporting products from here, The company arranges technicians to provide on-the-spot guidance service, hand-in-hand demonstration. Please refer to the website: www.jahwin.com
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More art word bank. Can solve the problem of font.
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Module, power supply, control card, frame (box). These are basic, and more detailed.
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Production process of LED display screen:
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LED module is used as the light source of luminous words, that is, the luminous fonts you see outside, inside are luminous light sources, that is, LED module, inside are used for advertising decoration, so it can be called LED advertising module. Generally used in low floor, high floor of the light-emitting words with LED exposure lamp as light source.
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Hello, the semi outdoor display screen consists of, semi outdoor module, power supply, control system, frame, copper column or magnetic column, etc
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Screen display text, pictures, videos and other content, constant dance card is mainly playing
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Powerful giant color P10 monochrome unit board:
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The unit board and module are the display units of the display screen. If middlemen only do these two things, they can't sell them at all; Engineering companies usually purchase these two things from manufacturers, and then purchase power supply, control system and other display accessories. It's almost the same for them to assemble and do their own projects. Customers include government departments, advertising companies, stations, enterprises and other end customers.
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LED display production process: 1
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Add programs, screen is a number of screen parameters are different when the software management at the same time. If multiple contents are broadcast simultaneously, programs need to be added, so that the programs will be broadcast in turn.
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You can give this piece of blister shell and perforated sheet iron to the manufacturer with equipment to help you process it. Let me talk about the installation of modules and exposed lamps
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Advertising screen is the most simple, a few modules assembled, connected to the line, debug card, it's good ~ step is 1
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Possible reasons:
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Now LED display is in the market
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There are many manufacturers of electronic potting glue, which is mainly used for outdoor waterproof. The glue can keep elasticity in the process of long-term use without aging and silicon cracking, so as to protect LED lights and circuit boards from moisture, leakage and short circuit.
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Nanjing Tianjun optoelectronic New Material Co., Ltd. cooperates with Japanese, Korean, Taiwan and domestic brand manufacturers to supply LCD panel materials, LED backlight module materials, including gasket, conductive particles, sealing materials, light diffusion materials, backlight plate, light guide plate, diffuser, reflector, brightening film, protective film, EPP box, EPO box, chemical materials, etc. together with Kunshan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei Yangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other LCD optoelectronic appliance enterprises have long-term supporting facilities.
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The display screen has a box, and the modules are absorbed on the box by magnets. There are not many modules in a power supply belt, which are connected by connecting terminals and jumpers, and the signals are connected by row wires
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It depends on what model of module you use. For example, the resolution of 256 * 128mm module is 512 points. Then you can calculate the resolution of one square meter by looking at the structure of your box. Hanchuang has launched the new small spacing helmsman series and rental screen energy column series. I hope you can refer to them.
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