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The LCD TV screen is damaged and can be replaced. However, it needs to be replaced by the TV manufacturer, mainly because the screen size, specification, model of the LCD TV, whether the backlight uses LED, or the number of lamps and so on are not the same. Generally, there is no ready-made screen to replace in the daily home appliance maintenance department.
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There are many reasons that led display only lights up but no words appear.
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It depends on which type of LED screen will be installed in the conference room. This model is also determined according to the area of the conference room and the nearest viewing distance. If the conference room is smaller, the viewing distance of the display screen will be closer, so we need to use the model with lower density, so that it will not look grainy. On the contrary, with large space and scattered personnel, you can use models with relatively large point density. I don't know if you understand.
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I think it's better for you to visit the site. Shenzhen Nino Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous professional LCD splicing manufacturer in China. It has its own factory. If you look at the whole process by yourself, you'll see.
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First of all, it is the problem of cognition. There is no good concept of display screen. If we do outdoor or indoor banner display and large screen display, we usually choose LED display screen; Generally, LCD splicing screen is used for indoor conference display, that is, there is no comparability, just whether it is suitable for you or not.
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Fengshang media
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In all advertising media, outdoor advertising is the oldest form of media, has strong vitality. Since the city and trade, there have been outdoor advertisements. From the original wooden plaque, lanterns and flags, to today's computer painting, neon lights, LCD electronic display, outdoor advertising has a long history. Due to the progress of science and technology, LED has been widely used. For example, LED light source is generally used in acrylic light box. At the same time, LED is also made into a variety of LED displays to express advertisers' advertising demands through various means. The development of LED application technology has added new life to the competitive advertising industry/
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Precautions for installation of outdoor LED display
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This should be considered from the early stage of the design. Firstly, the quality of the LED lamp core in the screen is better, preferably from Europe, America or Japan. Secondly, the heat dissipation should be solved, and the maximum temperature of the LED lamp core should not exceed the specified value, with a certain margin. Finally, the driver circuit should be given a certain amount of margin, and it is better not to let the LED work in the full power state, leaving the appropriate current / voltage margin helps to extend the life of the LED lamp core.
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Let's see if there is bx-mii in the software settings, corresponding to baud rate and serial port. If the corresponding parameters are correct, check whether the serial port of your computer is normal
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Inspection method:
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Shanghai Ruicong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the design, R & D, production and sales of LED display products. Headquartered in 18 Wujing Science Park, Minhang District, covering an area of 4200 square meters, the factory has 13 departments and a reception center on the 2nd floor of Zibei business building, Xujiahui, Shanghai.
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The shop door has something to do in the signboard shop. There is no technology. If you find something close to your shop, you can keep up with the after-sales service. If you find an LED manufacturer, the small screen of the shop door can't keep up with the after-sales service!
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It's very simple. You can make a very smooth and flat thin iron plate. It's better to be light in weight and high in hardness. The size of the iron plate can be slightly smaller than the size of the display screen. Then fix it on the glass with glass glue on the smooth and flat side, wait for three or four days for it to work by itself, and then make two hooks with 40 angle iron on the iron plate, and the display screen will be OK once it is hung up, which is safe and reliable Beautiful, easy to install and maintain. If you think this is awesome, our company's technology department has other better ways to install the display screen, Changsha city to the photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. technology department.
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This is because the electronic screen is short circuited by rain water, which causes the circuit current to be too large, exceeding the maximum working current of the air switch, causing the air switch to act and trip to protect the electrical equipment and circuit safety.
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Guiyang currently has no well-known LED display manufacturers, generally are some middlemen and some small companies, they take goods in the factory, sell to customers!
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See what kind of software you use, now the LED player software generally has this function
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I think it's better for you to visit the site. Shenzhen Nino Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous professional LCD splicing manufacturer in China. It has its own factory. If you look at the whole process by yourself, you'll see.
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I think the first is mapping, if you are the overall display is pasted with a map, you need to mix it. Because the display screen is spliced one by one, your mixed material needs a self luminous map, and the second is pure black or gray material. Stick a cross line in the mask to simulate the gap when the display screen is spliced.
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