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The LCD TV screen is damaged and can be replaced. However, it needs to be replaced by the TV manufacturer, mainly because the screen size, specification, model of the LCD TV, whether the backlight uses LED, or the number of lamps and so on are not the same. Generally, there is no ready-made screen to replace in the daily home appliance maintenance department.
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What is?
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LED is light emitting diode
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LCD panel expertise
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If you feel comfortable, I can tell you a good way to protect your eyes
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LED is light emitting diode
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LED is light emitting diode
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LED is light emitting diode
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LED is light emitting diode
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Above all, the transition between light and shade is smooth.
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LED is light emitting diode
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LEDs are light emitting diodes
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what is
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LED applications can be divided into two categories: one is led single tube applications, including backlight LED, infrared LED, etc; The other is led display. At present, there is still a certain gap between China and the world in the manufacturing of LED basic materials. However, as far as LED display is concerned, China's design and production technology level is basically synchronized with the international level.
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Compared with LCD display, LED display has more advantages in brightness, power consumption, viewing angle and refresh rate. The power consumption ratio of LED and LCD is about 10:1, and the higher refresh rate makes led have better performance in video. It can provide a 160 ° wide viewing angle, display all kinds of text, digital, color images and animation information, and play TV, video, VCD, DVD and other color video signals. Multiple displays can also be broadcast online. The single element reaction speed of organic LED display screen is 1000 times of that of LCD screen. It can be taken care of under strong light and adapt to the low temperature of minus 40 degrees/
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How to realize the display function of LED
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What is?
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The luminous color and luminous efficiency of LED are related to the material and technology of making LED. At present, red, green and blue are widely used. Due to the low working voltage of LED (only 1.5-3V), active lighting and certain brightness, brightness can be adjusted by voltage (or current), shock resistance, vibration resistance and long service life (100000 hours), there is no other display mode that can match LED display mode in large display equipment.
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