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First of all, I'll help you to find out. It seems that you don't understand LCD and led. Computers are usually LCD displays with LED backlight and non LED displays. The price is different. LED screens are more than several times more expensive.
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Vacuum fluorescent display
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CRT is a device that uses a cathode ray tube
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CRT is a device that uses a cathode ray tube
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Ordinary LEDs emit blue light. The reason why they emit white light is that they are coated with yellow phosphor. If the quality of phosphor is too poor, it will lead to too much blue light from LED, and it is recognized that too much blue light will damage the fundus. Now three color LED lamp beads have been invented, but the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, CCFL cold light lamp is still necessary from the perspective of vision protection. However, because it needs high-voltage bar to light up, and the calorific value is too large, the service life is short, it will eventually be replaced by three color LED.
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Fifty years ago, people knew the basic knowledge that semiconductor materials can produce light. In 1962, Nick Holonyak Jr. of general electric company developed the first visible light-emitting diode for practical application. LED is English light
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I'm not sure it's nothing. It doesn't work
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LED is light
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Basic knowledge of liquid crystal
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LED display screen is composed of LED array. It is driven by low voltage scanning, and has the characteristics of low power consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, few faults, large viewing angle and long visual distance.
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LCD display does not need to improve the refresh rate, it is a fixed refresh rate. Generally 60Hz, some can be adjusted, but the adjustment should not exceed 72HZ.
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Need software, rely on software to edit the above words, the operation is very simple, just like with QQ, the role of the cable is to edit the file through the cable sent to the screen.
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What is the scope of ED display?
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The LED screen is a new type of imaging electronic equipment which is made of light-emitting diodes arranged in order.
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LED screen is a new type of imaging electronic equipment, which is made of light-emitting diodes arranged in order.
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