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1. Black frame, bright gold metal speaker, elegant and noble appearance;
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1. In terms of price, sharp is more expensive,
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Rx1 is really good
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Sharp's GX3 series is a classic high-end series in 2007, and the picture effect is very good. Now the price is 9400 yuan, compared with 13000 yuan when it was launched, the price performance ratio is still good
Author:Li HaoChen   Time:2021-09-08 09:12 Browse(null)
There are two reasons for the price reduction: 1. Gome and other selling factories cooperate with sharp to promote sales; 2. Sharp's new 10 generation line has been put into production, and the production rate of cutting 40 inches has greatly increased, and the cost has been reduced
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Sharp lcd-70x55a is sharp's high-end series, and sharp's LCD TV's quality in the world's LCD TV market is the top product. Therefore, there is no problem in the display effect. The color performance technology of this LCD TV is "; Quattron (four color technology)
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Hello! Samsung did screen quotation please find our company, our company is a professional do did screen system manufacturer. Our products are:
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It's quite good. Sharp is called the father of LCD. Its technology is relatively advanced, and its visual angle and color are excellent. It is the best choice among LCD brands.
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I usually check this website:
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How about 5-10 years
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It should be LCD splicing screen. At present, there are only three agents in China, one is digital China, the other is Changhong and HK. In addition, NEC and Samsung also have, but their products are produced in China in cooperation with Orion, and only digital China is the only one imported from South Korea. Digital China is also a first-class listed IT enterprise in China, and there are nearly ten thousand channels in China. Therefore, digital China can be said to be the most advantageous one in China. You can search for "Digital China, general agent of Orion China"/
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It's quite high. Chongqing Huanqing technology is the general agent of Samsung LCD splicing screen in Chongqing, and the general agent of sharp 60 Inch LCD splicing screen in Southwest China
Author:Liu Yunfeng   Time:2021-08-30 08:05 Browse(null)
When purchasing LCD splicing screen, I personally think that when purchasing LCD screen, we should make more reference to the selection of manufacturers, and choose a good manufacturer, whether it is the cost performance of products or after-sales service guarantee, we are more assured. In addition, the choice of products should be more suitable for their own cost-effective products, can not blindly pursue international brands, such as some domestic senior manufacturers is a good choice
Author:Li Qin   Time:2021-08-29 15:44 Browse(null)
Chongqing Huanqing Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is located in Chongqing Shiqiaopu IT business district. Is a research and development, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises, factory set up in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, independent production of 46, 55 inch LCD splicing display, 32-82 inch Industrial LCD, multi screen splicing processor, video matrix, vag matrix. At the same time, the company is the general agent of Samsung commercial LCD in Chongqing and the exclusive general agent of sharp commercial LCD in Southwest China. The company focuses on the promotion and application of LCD splicing system and has rich experience and skills in LCD application.
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All SLCD products can be centrally controlled by the central control software tailored for the entertainment industry and security industry. It can be used for manual, timing, cruise, alarm plan setting, kaleidoscope demonstration, intelligent temperature control and alarm, automatic detection of communication failure and other functions, bringing great convenience and realizing rich value-added functions.
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You can refer to this website:
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LCD splicing screen is easy to overheat some pixels due to long working time. Once it exceeds the limit, it will cause permanent damage, which forms the commonly known "bad point". Especially when working at full load for more than 96 hours,
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Brother, let's popularize the knowledge of LCD splicing screen for you! First of all, LCD splicing screen is different from ordinary TV screen in that it is made of multiple screens. As long as you have enough money, you can spell as much as you want. Its disadvantage is that there is a splicing gap between each screen, but now the technology is very mature, it will not affect the viewing effect. If you want to know more about LCD splicing screen, you can go and have a look
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Er, it's better to find a professional to consult him or Zhengyu video, a professional LCD splicing manufacturer
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