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Sharp lcd-52lx750a
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Sharp lcd-60lx565a is better. The two TVs have a lot in common. All 60 inch, 1080p resolution TV, XP super crystal screen. The difference is: sharp lcd-60lx565a is an optimized and upgraded product, which reduces power consumption by more than 10W, saves power and is thinner.
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Sharp lcd-50su460a TV has a delicate appearance that can withstand pickiness. Thanks to the further optimization of the backlight structure, it creates a thin curved body with easy texture. At the same time, in the aspect of voice control, it can realize simple operation and intelligent touch. It is an intelligent voice cinema TV that understands you better.
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Known as the "father of LCD", sharp has launched its latest high-end product, lx960a Series LCD TV. Compared with other conventional FHD LCD TVs, the biggest feature of lx960a series TVs is that they are equipped with sharp's unique "new generation four-color Technology (Quattro)
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Basic parameters
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Sharp lcd-60lx960a is a TV set with four-color technology, which can achieve 4K resolution through the combination of four-color Technology (red, green, blue and yellow) and sub-pixel segmentation driving engine. Therefore, your resolution is almost the same as that of 4K TV.
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Sharp lcd-60lx960a TV can only be regarded as a mid-range model. The 4-color screen is not really 4K. Although it supports a small part of 4K video to be converted into 2K video, the effect is not as good as the real 4K. The price performance of this model is low, so it is not recommended to buy it. You can buy a Hisense at this price
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Indoor generally use LCD splicing screen, many of the LED display cards are computer graphics cards, each box has an independent graphics card! There is no such statement about the corresponding screen size!
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Splicing screen has multi signal input interface. The most commonly used ones are video interface and VGA interface. The display screen only needs input signal. Its signal source can make video signal and computer signal. The intermediate equipment can use VGA matrix or video matrix. If VGA matrix is used to access the computer, multi graphics card can be used
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The monitor will not support it
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Maybe the color palette in the monitor is broken. The cost of repairing it is about 60 yuan.
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At present, the common multimedia projector products can be divided into cathode ray tube projector (cathode ray tube projector)
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Because he brought that interface. The interface is money. No, of course not.
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Now LCD manufacturers have developed two lamps with relatively low power consumption.
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Power=current * voltage=0.13 * 3=0.39w
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If you can't, just use the advanced Win2K security mode, unload the graphics card driver, restart the system, and then install the graphics card driver again.
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