Network set top boxes all have HDMI interface and non-standard AV interface
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Sharp's quality is still very trustworthy.
Author:Zhang Jie   Time:2021-09-07 17:56 Browse(null)
The performance gap between the two TVs is 0
Author:Wang Ligang   Time:2021-09-04 16:53 Browse(null)
The effect is OK, if the requirements are not too high, we can consider it
Author:Ma Zhenzhong   Time:2021-08-13 15:43 Browse(null)
High refresh rate refers to the screen with high refresh rate.
Author:Yang Huanhuan   Time:2021-07-28 13:32 Browse(null)
The k30s screen supports HDR display, sunlight screen, lifting the mobile phone to light up the screen, screen thinning, double-click the screen to wake up, and has 2400 * 1080
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BOE and Tianma are independent brands, which have developed rapidly in recent years, and the quality is also excellent. After all, sharp family has the title of father of liquid crystal, and there must be some high-tech, but sharp has been acquired by China's Hon Hai group.
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"CEC" means:
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Tianma screen refers to the screen assembled with liquid crystal panel produced by Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. the screen of the factory panel is white and yellow, with serious color deviation and overall white under high brightness. I don't think it is liked by everyone
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The key depends on your main use:
Author:Ye Dandan   Time:2021-07-23 15:44 Browse(null)
1、 Purpose of the experiment
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Xiaomi 4C's screen is made of TFT material. Our company makes OLED. At present, OLED technology is not mature. Domestic energy OLED companies can't even make 300ppi. Moreover, the output is very low, and the yield is very poor. Only Samsung and LG can supply a large number of such screens, so the natural price is very high, so the mobile phones equipped with OLED screens are basically less than 2000.
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The former
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