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This problem is also related to the installation methods. There are two kinds of installation methods for car LED advertising screen:
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P10 is generally installed outdoors. If it's too small, use smaller spacing.
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Generally, the P10 semi outdoor door screen is commonly used. Let's take P10 semi outdoor as an example. It is assumed that the space reserved at the installation site is 5m × 5 meters.
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1. At present, in the first tier cities, advertising is basically charged per second, although the cost is large, but the benefit is considerable. Now some second and third tier cities are quietly setting off the hot wind of LED outdoor advertising full-color screen.
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In the early indoor display application of LED display, P5, P6 and other point spacing products were widely used. With the progress of display technology, P3 and P4 quickly occupy the market with better display effect. But now, the demand for close-up viewing such as high-end conference room and other small space and complex structure applications, scene interactive applications, etc. is increasing. The graininess of large distance products in close-up viewing and the problem that small screen area can not be displayed in high-definition are doomed to the future trend of using p2.5 and below products. There is no graininess in close-up viewing of high-definition display!
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A few of my friends and I plan to set up a company this year to engage in LED photoelectric lighting and advertising, but we don't have much contact with LED. What line or network line is thrown from the equipment to the large screen? If it is a network line, is it also based on the number of meters to determine class 5 line or class 6 line? Is it controlled by the control card? What kind of software do you need from the manufacturer?
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Display unit board does not light up
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The majority of the notice screen is divided into indoor screen and outdoor screen, the size of the unit board is of course large and small.
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Specifically, the effect is unknown. But I paid special attention to those screens, scrolling and flipping subtitles several times, mainly because I had nothing to do while waiting for the car. Usually, I watch my mobile phone. I've seen a bigger safety and health science popularization screen at the West bus station. One screen of subtitles stays for several seconds, and I can watch it all at once. My eyes don't need to follow the subtitles. It's more comfortable. What's more, it's more public information, and there's less advertising.
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LED large screen is divided into indoor screen and outdoor screen..
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The LED lamp in the home can be divided into: 1. LED bulb lamp; Most of them are the replacement of incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp
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Generally do tobacco and wine line, that is relatively simple LED advertising, there is a large KTV
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Due to the different use environment, LED advertising screen is divided into indoor and outdoor, some of the main differences are as follows:
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The outdoor LED advertising screen pays more attention to water-proof and energy-saving in configuration, because it has to resist the outdoor weather environment for a long time, while the indoor environment is relatively stable and the viewing distance is short, so it pays more attention to accuracy. The best outdoor screen for energy saving and water proofing is the LED advertising screen, which is better than other used screens. In fact, there is not much difference in the advertising effect, which does not affect the image quality.
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Do you want to be a screen or an advertisement?
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Brief introduction of LED
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Outdoor natural protection level is higher, such as IP54
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