LED driver power supply

Why are some LED displays on fire?
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Hunan LED display accessories supermarket is a domestic professional LED consumables accessories wholesale professional service-oriented company, has been the company to "credit transcripts, quality first" as the business philosophy, adhering to the creation of first-class credit transcripts, first-class quality
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There are many manufacturers of LED electronic displays in Shenzhen, and they have advantages in all aspects.
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1. EN enable signal: when this signal appears, it is generally a problem of the control system. The common performance is that the LED display screen is too bright or too dark. The solution is very simple. It can be solved by modifying the protocol or online the system set by the manufacturer. If the problem is really complex, the light sending module and the receiving module can be disassembled and sent back to the manufacturer for maintenance, usually in about ten days.
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The reason why the display is dim may be light failure.
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LED, light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device, it can directly convert electricity into light.
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Different materials, such as lamp beads and IC, naturally lead to different prices. For example, the prices of power supplies used are more than double.
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After LED display is used for a period of time, the screen sometimes becomes very dark, which is what we usually call led dark screen phenomenon.
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