LED power supply

It should be that the power supply is out of order or overloaded to enter the protection. You can add a power supply to try or see if the power supply is very hot.
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1. The product quality is not up to standard. When buying, don't be greedy for low price and poor quality products.
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Shenzhen magic Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise approved and registered by relevant state departments. The company is a limited liability company with production, processing, distribution, wholesale, LED lighting engineering design. The main products of the company are led display screen, single and double color display screen, strip screen, full color screen, inkjet screen, GPRS
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Why are some LED displays on fire?
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For example, for a 30 square p16 full-color LED display, first calculate the number of boxes and the number of power supplies. In general, the number of power supplies is 152, 5v40a, then the power of a single power supply is 200W, 152 * 200W is 30400w, with 380V electricity, then the power divided by the power supply is the current. 30400w / 380V=80A, and then add some auxiliary equipment such as air conditioner. About 35kw, The power supply is about 90a, and then we can check how many square wires can carry more than 90a current. We find that 25 square wires can carry 100A current, so we choose 25 square power wires
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Moistureproof do not know what method to use, lightning protection can be divided into two aspects: 1, should be installed in the power distribution cabinet power lightning protection device, and then grounding, this is the power supply. 2. Lightning protection equipment (lightning rod) shall be installed on the top frame of outdoor LED display screen, and then grounded to protect outdoor LED from lightning attack, which belongs to external lightning protection and direct lightning protection. Complete lightning protection includes these two aspects. Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of lightning protection equipment, and provides technical guidance. You can contact 546299252 on QQ
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Step 1:
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Led global online (www.ledgb. Com): the professional and authoritative portal of LED industry, with an average daily visit of 4.5%
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Step 1: check the power supply voltage, find out the DC positive and negative connection switch power supply, connect the 220 V power line to the switch power supply, (after confirming the connection is correct, connect to the AC or NL terminal), and then plug in the power. You will find that the power supply has a light will be on, and then use a multimeter, dc gear to measure v+
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LED display manufacturers are basically assembly industry, mainly depending on the quality of your raw materials: chip, IC, PCB, wire, box, etc; There are few displays using Riya and Cree chips, mainly due to the high price; Taiwan die is basically used in China. As long as the raw material is good, the quality of your display screen is good, and then investigate the scale, technology and strength of the manufacturer
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Do you want to display a picture or a number with an LED? Or LED display screen? These can be controlled by single-chip microcomputer. If you tell me the details, I can help you make the principle and send it to my mailbox pankeren153@163.com
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What you wrote here is a bit general. There are many types of displays, including PH10 outdoor single red, PH16 outdoor single red, P20 outdoor single red!
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First of all, judge whether the power supply is damaged and whether it can be used normally. Because a power supply controls several boards at the same time. Can measure whether the output voltage is between 4.9 ~ 5.5V. If it is not in this range, it is likely that the power supply is out of order.
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Reasons for incomplete display of LED display screen:
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In general, it is power supply, board, control card, cable and power cord. With regard to these problems, I will give you a few common faults,
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A few rows of red lines are possible
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LED display has been used for a long time, there are many problems, often led display is incomplete, such as half display or incomplete display, how to solve this situation?
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What if the LED display is only half on? There is no way to start. In reality, many of these situations are completely out of the way. If we want to solve this problem, we must understand the specific reasons why half of the LED display does not light up and half does not light up, and then analyze and investigate through reasonable steps, and then solve the problem from the source. Generally, the reasons for half of the LED display to be on are as follows, and the troubleshooting methods are as follows:
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In general, it is power supply, board, control card, cable and power cord. With regard to these problems, I will give you a few common faults,
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