I really don't know how to do this in Inner Mongolia. Look at your picture, it should be monochrome. Generally, the price of monochrome P10 is about 2300; Square meters below belongs to the full-color screen, according to your size to decide what kind of, but suggest you use P10 or p12.5, P10 full-color price is generally 12000 per square meter, p12.5 in 11000 per square meter, can also do p16, but if small, p16 effect is not very good, p16 price is generally 8000-9000 per square meter, provide these kinds of screen chip is: Red: Taiwan crystal
Author:Zhang Pengfei   Time:2021-10-12 17:55 Browse(null)
Author:Huang Jianhua   Time:2021-10-09 08:03 Browse(null)
How to use LED large screen to save power?
Author:Liu Aihua   Time:2021-10-02 09:35 Browse(null)
You can make a standard resolution map according to the aspect ratio
Author:Yang Jianfeng   Time:2021-10-01 08:58 Browse(null)
In the LED display, P represents the distance between lamp beads, that is, the distance between two lamp beads, and the unit is mm. For example, P4 represents the center distance between adjacent lamp beads is 4mm, and the density of P4 lamp beads is 62500 points / m2. Therefore, the difference between P8 and P10 is as follows:
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A 10 square screen, outdoor or indoor screen, can only be regarded as a relatively small screen. The power distribution is not complicated. It depends on whether you consider the problem of capital. If not, you'd better get a standard distribution box with AC contactor, lightning arrester, time control switch, air switch, etc. It's close to the screen as far as possible. In this way, the wiring will save a lot of wires. It's better to put it right below the back of the screen if it's outdoor. It doesn't matter if it's indoor, as long as it's convenient to connect, If you want to be easy to use, you can get three air switches. That is to use 380V circuit, divided into three groups of lines, each group with more than 3 square meters
Author:Zhang Juncai   Time:2021-09-26 15:48 Browse(null)
Outdoor instruction display is used outdoors
Author:Su LAN   Time:2021-09-26 14:37 Browse(null)
Two 1p or 1.5p air conditioners are required to work at the same time.
Author:Fu mountaineering   Time:2021-09-26 12:25 Browse(null)
First, check whether the power cord is in close contact. If all aspects are normal, it may be the problem of LED lamp chip, which can be aged for a long time. Then, if the color deviation is stable, it can be considered to do "point by point correction".
Author:XCVBNH   Time:2021-09-25 15:46 Browse(null)
1、 Let's first talk about the price of P10 outdoor full color LED display:
Author:Teng Fei   Time:2021-09-24 16:52 Browse(null)
Outdoor door head banner type;
Author:Chen Shuxing   Time:2021-09-24 13:32 Browse(null)
Outdoor points
Author:Bai Yiwen   Time:2021-09-21 16:53 Browse(null)
It's not square meter to use a few power supplies.
Author:White Rose   Time:2021-09-20 11:24 Browse(null)
There are many kinds of outdoor LED display specifications. The main conventional models of outdoor LED display are P10, p12, p16, P20, P25 and p31.25; Indoor full color P6
Author:Liao Minglin   Time:2021-09-19 15:44 Browse(null)
Shenzhen Star color answers for you led electronic display screen:
Author:Bai Yanxia   Time:2021-09-19 13:30 Browse(null)
It is suggested that 10-15 square meters should be enough, P4 and above models should be selected for the model, and the product grade should be selected. The specific size of the area, we have to see the scene, after calculation to determine the most. As for the price, you can consult the local engineering companies to quote, and then compare with several companies to investigate.
Author:Zhao ruoqin   Time:2021-09-19 09:50 Browse(null)
According to the density you choose and the color you want to display, your screen is 1.2 square meters. If you want the best outdoor P10, the seven color one is below 8000 yuan
Author:Xu Qian   Time:2021-09-18 14:36 Browse(null)
P10 display screen is divided into full-color, double primary color and single red three categories, generally is the outdoor screen, the price gap is relatively large. It costs 8000 to 15000 yuan per square meter for full color, 5000 to 7000 yuan per square meter for dual color and 3000 to 5000 yuan per square meter for single red.
Author:Hou Yantang   Time:2021-09-18 10:18 Browse(null)
First of all, your understanding is basically correct. I just need to add some knowledge:
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To build the brand price of Guangzhou LED large screen field, undertake all kinds of Guangzhou LED large screen, provide customers with the overall solution, installation and after-sales service of Guangzhou LED display screen, the price of Guangzhou indoor and outdoor LED display screen products, the latest quotation of Guangzhou LED large screen, the installation method of Guangzhou building external wall led display screen, the most powerful factory, gymnasium, square, hotel, shopping mall, supermarket There are thousands of successful cases in government departments and units. Welcome to inquire, your satisfaction is the purpose of our service.
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