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How much is it? Refers to the unit board / module. The price of modules of different models ranges from tens to hundreds.
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super bright photoelectric
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consult the price of LED electronic display screen, find Beijing Bairun Huitong LED display screen company! Professional LED display manufacturers, price concessions, good product quality, perfect service/
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Shenzhen Star color answers for you led electronic display screen:
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Zhende electronics professional LED display, LED electronic light box, guardrail tube production; Website: www.ahua1234.cn;
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tolerable. Automatic switch screen can be set,
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Ф 3.0, Ф It generally refers to the traditional LED that used to be called straw hat head, bullet head, Ф It refers to the diameter of the lamp bead, and the number after it is the numerical value, in mm. There are also puzzled, after praise secret chat this number
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The price difference in the market is quite big. Don't choose because the price is the lowest. Good brand and product quality are the most important principles. Jingda optoelectronics will answer for you
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No, LED is controlled by dot matrix on the circuit. If you do it, it is based on this
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Do you want to connect external equipment? Notebook or something?
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Jinan tuocai optoelectronics Co., Ltd
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Hubei electronic display screen
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Good, good!!! Hope that the majority of enterprises and institutions have led demand to Wu'an Shichuang economic and Trade Co., Ltd! Feel really good!!!
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No. It's better not to connect the power supply directly. If your board has no protection circuit and is not connected with the control signal, the line is easy to be on and the line chip will be burned. If the control card is not broken, just connect it, 461697723
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The smaller the distance between points, the more expensive it is. Just consider the brightness and waterproof. Generally, 1 / 4 scanning mode is used. I want to be brighter. It can be controlled by a single point. If you find a manufacturer to do all outdoor monochrome or full-color, including frame, control system, installation fee and free warranty for one year, the monochrome with 16 mm point spacing and 4-scan is about 2500 yuan, and the full-color p12 mm 4-scan is about 7500 yuan. Hope to help you/
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Indoor or outdoor, monochrome or full color.
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There are transverse and irregular lines. The reason is that a unit board is damaged. If the brightness is reduced, a power supply is damaged. If there is no brightness reduction, it may also be a bad connection of a cable
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Lanzhou Guanglei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. undertakes large square LED displays, high-end commercial buildings - large screen displays, large station code LED electronic large screen displays, government agencies - LED electronic large screen displays, hotel conference rooms LED electronic large screen, Department Stores - advertising large electronic large screen, schools, enterprises and institutions - large screen LED, cultural and entertainment places - LED electronic screen, Reception hall - LED color large screen, stage performance Exhibition - full color display, large stadiums - large screen. The specifications of LED full-color display screen include PH10, ph14, PH16, PH20, ph25, ph31.5 (public road screen) and other pixels. Outdoor LED full color/
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