LCD TV maintenance

1、 Don't be greedy for the cheap
Author:Kaka   Time:2021-10-13 14:40 Browse(null)
The LCD screen of LCD is very fragile! The surface of the screen may be damaged if it is slightly forced by hand. We usually say that there are no more than two cases of screen failure. One is hard surface contusion. Such as surface scratch, broken screen, or liquid crystal overflow. It can't be fixed. This kind of screen is broken. There is no need to replace it with a new one. Because the price of one screen accounts for 80% of the total price of LCD, nearly 1000 yuan.
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LCD TV screen is broken, generally can't repair, can only change a screen
Author:Ye Yu   Time:2021-10-09 16:51 Browse(null)
It should be LCD TV screen. It is true that the LCD screen is broken. The cost of replacing the LCD screen is about 560 yuan. In other cases, the LCD screen is broken and the circuit fault causes the black screen
Author:Huang Feilong   Time:2021-10-08 15:44 Browse(null)
LCD TV screen is damaged. It is not recommended to replace it. Because this can only be replaced by the TV manufacturer, mainly because the LCD TV screen size, specification, model, even if the backlight is led, the number of lamps may be different, general daily home appliance maintenance department does not have ready-made screen to replace.
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According to your description, there are the following aspects:
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No leakage
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The LCD TV screen is broken for the following reasons:
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The price of LCD TV screen is about three fourths of the total price.
Author:Jiang Xingfu   Time:2021-10-05 16:50 Browse(null)
There are several reasons for this phenomenon
Author:Ye Yu   Time:2021-09-09 08:44 Browse(null)
How can sharp also have this kind of fault? It's usually the domestic machine. The main problem is that the domestic machine is all assembled with imported screen and core motherboard. It's often not a supplier's thing, so it has the problem of component compatibility. It's also good to restart after the fault occurs. Even the manufacturer's maintenance station can't judge and deal with this situation. It's only necessary to replace different batches of machines. Anyway, it's a fault.
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Ordinary set top box for LCD TV
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I'm a maintenance employee of Sharp LCD TV in Nanjing. I repair a lot of this machine. Ge series machine is a new product, very good ~ ~ ~ but it's still very expensive. If the owner wants to buy it, you can ask me if you have any problems in the future, and I can help you repair it ~ ~ ~ the cost is very fair~~~~~~~~
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Why don't you ask me.. I work for sharp. The best sharp can do is the TV. So there's nothing to say. Yeah
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Think twice. If sharp's LCD TVs go crazy, I'm afraid there will be a problem. It's better to buy a home-made one. At the same price, the panel is still hard screen. It's a little more reassuring than the screen of unknown origin.
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Advantages of Samsung LED LCD TV:
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We bought Samsung's 40 inch LCD TV in May 2009 (it was only used in early July). In September 2010, the TV appeared black screen phenomenon ~ ~ the maintenance personnel came to the door to check that the power supply board was broken and needed to be replaced. It cost 600 yuan. After more than a year, the power panel broke down and could not be repaired but replaced. We really couldn't accept it, so we complained to the industry and Commerce Department. After coordination, the headquarters agreed to replace the power panel for us at a price of 500 yuan, and promised to arrange maintenance personnel to provide on-site service within seven days. But seven days later, we didn't see anyone. We contacted Samsung and said that we had to pay a deposit of 300 yuan before we could replace it five days later. What's more, it's even more irritating,
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put questions to:
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Entry steps of Sony LCD TV Project menu:
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If shaking can accidentally start, first check the wire head, solder joints, it is likely to be false welding or poor contact, if familiar with the circuit, you can run the line along the switch.
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