LCD splicing

What's the difference between LED and LCD? The biggest and most obvious difference is that the LED body is thinner and the LCD is thicker. At present, LED display is mainly backlit by LED light source. In addition to thin, LED display has the advantages of small heating, low power consumption, uniform lighting, true color restoration and long service life; The LCD is thick, hot, power consumption, uneven lighting, color distortion, short life. So the advantage of LED is relatively large, it is recommended to choose LED display.
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I think it's better for you to visit the site. Shenzhen Nino Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous professional LCD splicing manufacturer in China. It has its own factory. If you look at the whole process by yourself, you'll see.
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LCD splicing screen maintenance should pay attention to the following points: if the working time of LCD splicing screen is too long, it will easily make some pixels overheat, once it exceeds the limit, it will lead to permanent damage, which forms what we often call "bad points". We must avoid strong shocks. If any dirt is found on the surface of LCD splicing screen, it should be removed by accurate methods. The best medium to use is soft, non fiber material, such as absorbent cotton, lens paper or soft cloth, and then dip it with a little glass cleaner to gently wipe it off. It is forbidden to use chemical solutions such as alcohol, nor rough cloth or paper articles/
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We have a professional after-sales team. Chongqing Huanqing technology is the general agent of Samsung LCD splicing screen in Chongqing, and sharp 60 Inch LCD splicing screen in Southwest China. It is Huan
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Read the manual more for electronic things. Cable TV direct access is OK. HDMI is a high-definition cable, connected to the computer (graphics card is better than HDMI plug) or player class, player class must also be HDMI plug.
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LCD splicing screen can be used as a separate display, and can be spliced into a large screen. According to different use requirements, it can realize variable large screen function: single screen split display, single screen separate display, arbitrary combination display, full screen LCD splicing, double splicing LCD splicing, vertical screen display, image frame can be compensated or covered, support digital signal roaming, zoom stretching, cross screen display, setting and operation of various display plans, Real time processing of Full HD signal.
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When you watch all kinds of music concerts or large-scale parties, do you find that there are always colorful display effects on the large screen, with all kinds of lighting effects. After all, how do these large screens come together? Have you ever thought about it? Today, the editor of Tuba rabbit will bring you the explanation of the patchwork of these screens. I hope you can benefit a lot from it after opening your eyes.
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It should be LCD splicing screen. At present, there are only three agents in China, one is digital China, the other is Changhong and HK. In addition, NEC and Samsung also have, but their products are produced in China in cooperation with Orion, and only digital China is the only one imported from South Korea. Digital China is also a first-class listed IT enterprise in China, and there are nearly ten thousand channels in China. Therefore, digital China can be said to be the most advantageous one in China. You can search for "Digital China, general agent of Orion China"/
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LCD splicing bottleneck refers to the problem that the splicing of LCD screen is too large, resulting in the visual deficiency of users, as shown in
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The following points are the problems that users need to pay attention to when purchasing LCD splicing wall:
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I'm an employee of Caixun technology. You can go to Caixun technology company to ask. The company is recruiting people.
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It's called different. If you have to distinguish clearly, LCD splicing generally uses industrial LCD panel, and TV wall can use civil LCD panel. The name of LCD splicing may be more professional
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In principle, this can be done, but we need to consider a long-term quality assurance. The liquid crystal splicing is liquid. If the liquid is not there, then the effect displayed must be flowery. It's exposed to the sun and rain, so it can't be done outdoors with liquid crystal. If the liquid crystal is maintained outdoors, it's very difficult, and it may be broken, It is not recommended to use LCD splicing screen to do outdoor,
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All SLCD products can be centrally controlled by the central control software tailored for the entertainment industry and security industry. It can be used for manual, timing, cruise, alarm plan setting, kaleidoscope demonstration, intelligent temperature control and alarm, automatic detection of communication failure and other functions, bringing great convenience and realizing rich value-added functions.
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Samsung is leading, and TCL is a follower. What kind of thing is metv? How dare you say leading? It's funny, isn't it
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Let's put it this way
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In recent years, the application of large screen system with liquid crystal display (LCD) as splicing unit in the field of large screen monitoring has attracted more and more attention. It has the advantages of ultra-light, ultra-thin, long life, low maintenance cost, low power consumption, non radiation, high definition and so on, and is well received by users. It is used in industrial control, information release, information management, etc The relatively low construction cost of slit LCD splicing display system in a wide range of fields, such as image monitoring, is also the inevitable reason for the emergence of slit LCD splicing display system.
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1、 The display effect is different
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