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Let's see if there is bx-mii in the software settings, corresponding to baud rate and serial port. If the corresponding parameters are correct, check whether the serial port of your computer is normal
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Replace a conversion line can, that line if you buy a general line a few months basic scrap
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It depends on which kind of control card is used for the electronic display screen. Generally, there are computer serial port control card, SMS control card and U disk control card.
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1. The LED electronic screen needs special software to upload the word, which is used here
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That should be the port error, you set to other ports to try. Nine pin RS-232 interface should be it, you use USB to 232 time that converter is to install the driver, download a serial debugging program to see if you can receive data
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It's a chip brother, not a line to line conversion. That one was converted with a dedicated chip. You can baidu Kirin electronic seems to be only 10 yuan, he there I have seen
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The 9-pin serial port connection method is to weld the three wires in the network cable to the three pins specified by RS232 according to the specified sequence.
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Fault analysis:
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Of course, the control board should also be connected to the power supply. If it is not connected to the control board, it cannot send data to the control board.
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This is too easy. Usr interface and COM interface are used to transmit data for LED display screen. You choose the USB interface to transfer data and modify the content of the display screen. My commonly used software is ledshow2012 of Shanghai yangbang
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In general
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LED display models are divided into indoor LED display, outdoor LED display and semi outdoor LED display. The control system used by each manufacturer is different, and the software used by the control system is also different. If this software is used to connect other control systems, it is certain that it cannot be connected. That's what you call a mismatch.
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The landlord doesn't mean that. He means to display the data tempreceived by the serial port on LCD1602. You put the LCD_ write_ string(x,y,string); The program in it will be posted. I'll help you to have a look
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GPS receiver communicates with MCU through serial port.
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Yes, please refer to the color screen module of Guangzhou Ruixian technology, which has parallel port, SPI serial port and 232 serial port. All interfaces 51 can be easily driven, and can brush full screen pictures for 15 frames per second
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twelve thousand eight hundred and sixty-four
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It should be OK to use 12864 instead.
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