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Hardware: dual core ARM9
Author:Yu Yuting   Time:2021-10-09 11:18 Browse(null)
Changhong also began to do LED display??.. faint.. What Changhong
Author:Su Jian   Time:2021-09-27 14:41 Browse(null)
Of course, Changhong is good and has a high personality ratio. It uses LED backlight LCD screen, while it uses LCD screen in summer,
Author:Bai Yiwen   Time:2021-09-09 11:19 Browse(null)
Konka's is better. Japan and South Korea's are basically made in China, which is much more expensive. The price performance ratio is good.
Author:jisses88   Time:2021-09-05 12:26 Browse(null)
Questions can be detailed, size, intend to do a few times a few, this is easy to calculate.
Author:Jiang Liuying   Time:2021-08-27 17:57 Browse(null)
Changhong Group's Sichuan Changhong Electronic System Company is specialized in producing this. In the field of digital video technology, network technology and display terminal, it has many research achievements and national patents, and has maintained long-term close cooperation with many international famous companies, integrating the latest technological achievements of the industry,
Author:Li Jianfeng   Time:2021-08-27 09:12 Browse(null)
The LCD splicing screen can be used as a TV, and it needs to be connected with a TV playing box. I hope it will help you.
Author:Millet leaf   Time:2021-08-25 08:01 Browse(null)
Author:yang   Time:2021-08-13 12:25 Browse(null)
This is a function of color LCD device
Author:Li Jungang   Time:2021-07-29 09:12 Browse(null)
nowadays, the quality of LEDs in China is almost the same, and they are all bought by others. Except Skyworth, if you look at its high profit margin, you can know what screen it uses/
Author:Xiaoya   Time:2021-07-28 13:34 Browse(null)
Well, Philips's LCD TV is very good, IPS hard screen panel, touch the screen without water lines and white spots, LG's is also good, the same is IPS hard screen panel, there is a super thin, very beautiful, you can go to the store to see ah. Make sure you like it as soon as you see it. Of course, step mark travel network idea: the best and healthiest LCD TV should be the number of IPS hard screen technology. Because its liquid crystal molecules respond quickly, and the picture is stable and bright. 1. Skyworth
Author:Ma Xiaoli   Time:2021-07-25 17:59 Browse(null)
Hisense, one of the top five TV sets in the world, ranks first in domestic sales. SKYWORTH -- Based on Kukai, the sales volume of Android is second only to Hisense. TCL, needless to say, is an old brand. Changhong - the brand is very big, but the development of LCD TV in recent two years seems to be not so good. It is a low price route. Konka - the popularity and market share have dropped a lot, but the quality is not bad. Haier - refrigerators, washing machines and Casati are classics. There are only six well-known brands in China. Tips: if Hisense wants to buy medium, high-end and low-end colors, the brightness is not enough. If Skyworth wants to buy them, it should pay attention not to follow the sales staff's words to drive them. If TCL wants to buy them, it should pay attention to hardware, such as borders/
Author:Zhang Zhijiao   Time:2021-07-20 15:43 Browse(null)
The working principle of LCD and plasma is different, so they are not completely comparable. Generally speaking, they have their own advantages. If you like to watch movies and TV dramas for a long time, plasma is recommended. After all, you won't feel dizzy after watching for a long time like LCD, and the service life of plasma screen is about three times that of LCD screen.
Author:Yang Wanchao   Time:2021-07-16 16:52 Browse(null)
They don't have the ability to produce OLEDs. Their screens are all imported from LG manufacturers and assembled by themselves. They are known as "organic self luminous" as a gimmick. In fact, OLED has been around for more than ten years. However, due to its high price, short service life and easy to appear residual image and bad points, it has become the mainstream of the market without drying liquid crystal. Many well-known manufacturers have already stopped playing OLED. Recently, many domestic manufacturers, such as Skyworth and Changhong, began to rely on OLED to earn money.
Author:Yi Feiyang   Time:2021-07-05 16:50 Browse(null)
In the broadcast of high-quality HD film source performance is excellent, but also in the broadcast of ordinary TV programs also show the perfect picture quality. And OLED has a wide viewing angle, so that viewing is not limited by space. At present, with the continuous concern of consumers for OLED, the pace of OLED development is faster and faster. OLED TV has made a major breakthrough in image quality and viewing experience, and has a more amazing performance in the overall picture performance. OLED TV is a healthy TV, especially in the blue light which has a greater impact on vision health, compared with LCD TV, it has a significant reduction. OLED is not easy to cause visual fatigue, is to protect the health of family vision electricity/
Author:Zhang Haifeng   Time:2021-07-04 17:58 Browse(null)
Yes, Changhong organic OLED TV 55q1a
Author:fqyy520   Time:2021-07-01 15:46 Browse(null)
Ultra, u-ultra, which means extreme, is essentially LED backlight technology.
Author:Huang Feilong   Time:2021-06-18 19:24 Browse(null)
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