Computer LCD mainly focus on resolution, relative video color is not as good as TV, but LCD TV mainly focus on video color effect, resolution is generally not very high! The bigger the LCD screen, the more expensive it is. LCD TVs are generally large in size!
Author:Miss Wu   Time:2021-09-12 18:08 Browse(null)
I've been selling sharp for more than 2 years. To be honest, the thinner the machine, the worse the heat dissipation. Because the distance between the screen and the board is very close, the screen needs heat dissipation, and the board also needs heat dissipation. However, the GX series you mentioned has been on the market for more than 1 year, and the use effect is still good. If the price is appropriate, you can sell it, especially in 5.1 or 10.1, the price reduction is very strong. I wish you can buy a satisfactory machine
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As for watching cable or digital cable, you may not be able to see the difference between a TV, but when you watch led and LCD in sharp's booth, you will feel that led has higher contrast, better color, lower energy consumption and longer service life. However, as for Sharp's three common LED series on the market, they are le700a (equipped with sharp's latest generation of X-ray super crystal panel and direct backlight frequency doubling 100 / 120Hz) / lx710 (equipped with more le700a, Duba technology is 6 channels, better than le700 contrast and color) / lx710a (this series has more digital ground receiving function, and others are no different from lx710), As for you watching cable or/
Author:Wang Rui   Time:2021-09-12 15:47 Browse(null)
The reason why sharp LED LCD TV and Sharp LCD look the same:
Author:Zhang Jingzhe   Time:2021-09-12 13:35 Browse(null)
Sharp LCD TV lcd-40le700a
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The lcd-40lx730a bought in the middle of last year is much better than the high-end plasma effect of Sony brother bought in 10 years.
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The performance gap between the two TVs is 0
Author:Liang Jinlong   Time:2021-09-12 10:51 Browse(null)
1366,768。 Low resolution. It's not HD
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Sharp's LCD TV is so expensive, of course! You don't know what brand it is. If I want LCD TV, I can choose LG's LCD TV. It adopts Korean original IPS hard screen, which solves the problem of dynamic picture tailing and residual shadow, and solves the radiation problem to a great extent. The picture is clear and realistic. You can go to the home appliance forum to bubble, there will be more experts.
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LCD is a general term for TV, just like TV is generally called TV.
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Recently, I want to buy a sharp LCD TV. I saw that the place of origin on the counter is "Nanjing, Jiangsu". I want to ask if it's true. Because I heard that some Sony LCD TVs are produced by some domestic companies, and then change to a Sony brand. The price is cheap and the quality is not good. I'm worried that sharp's LCD TVs are also produced by some domestic companies? So is it true that sharp LCD TV is produced in "Nanjing, Jiangsu"?
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Sharp accelerates the development of LCD TV market in China
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Sharp lcd-46a63's exterior design continues the past simple and introverted style. The thickness of the fuselage is only 8.4cm. Black environmental protection material is used to reduce the burden of waste on the environment and recycle resources. With the design elements of narrow frame, the visual proportion of the screen is more prominent. A touch of silver white arc decorative line adds a bit of flexibility, which makes the first impression of the whole machine very deep.
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Different countries adopt different standards.. There's no difference, just different standards...
Author:Hao Wandong   Time:2021-09-11 13:34 Browse(null)
Hard screen technology surpasses soft screen into LCD high end standard
Author:Ma Ning   Time:2021-09-11 13:31 Browse(null)
New sharp lcd-46le700a LCD TV
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Japanese industrial master hido Junzhi, sharp's G Series LCD, D Series LCD, RX Series LCD, lx710a, lx710da are all designed by hido Junzhi, 28 inch wide screen LCD TV, aquos and wink
Author:Qiao Yingcheng   Time:2021-09-11 13:30 Browse(null)
Of course, is sharp better than TCL? The price is also higher. If you are not sensitive to money, you'd better buy Sony and sharp
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