If the LCD is really broken, there is no value in repairing it. If you really want to change it, it will cost half a TV. If a friend breaks down, the circuit board can be replaced.
Author:Wu Min   Time:2021-10-14 15:47 Browse(null)
Advantages: big screen, cool watching movies! Save the screen money!
Author:YY   Time:2021-10-14 14:36 Browse(null)
Some LCD TVs of the two big brands, Sony and Samsung, use Taiwan's garbage screen. Taiwan screen is very fragile and pretentious. We should take care of them carefully. Sometimes we can't watch sports games. Now IPS hard screen LCD TV is very popular.
Author:Huang Dalun   Time:2021-10-14 13:34 Browse(null)
Experts suggest buying LCD TV with hard panel
Author:Zhu Yinda   Time:2021-10-14 12:28 Browse(null)
Author:Sun Yi   Time:2021-10-14 12:25 Browse(null)
The LED is the light-emitting diode
Author:Fan Guoliang   Time:2021-10-14 11:23 Browse(null)
LCD TV display is not easy to break, once broken, it is difficult to repair, not easy to repair, can only replace new, belongs to high-grade durable consumables, and replacement trouble, operation is difficult, basically a molding, so expensive is inevitable.
Author:Gao Chunyuan   Time:2021-10-14 11:19 Browse(null)
At present, LED TV also belongs to liquid crystal TV. Different from traditional liquid crystal TV, LED TV uses LED (light emitting diode) semiconductor light-emitting elements to replace the backlight of traditional liquid crystal TV, so it is more energy-saving, and there is not much difference between the two in other aspects.
Author:Zhang Yujie   Time:2021-10-14 09:44 Browse(null)
No, I'd better change a TV. I can buy a very good LCD TV for more than 3000
Author:Huang Xiaoying   Time:2021-10-14 09:19 Browse(null)
As long as your LCD TV LED has a VGA interface, you can directly connect the LCD TV with the computer host by using the VGA cable. In addition, if your LCD TV has a DVI interface or HDMI interface, and your computer host has these two interfaces, you can also use the corresponding cable to connect.
Author:Han Xiaofang   Time:2021-10-14 08:05 Browse(null)
It is understood that there are mainly two kinds of LCD TV screens on the market, one is LGD's IPS hard screen, and now some high-end LCD manufacturers such as LG, Skyworth, Konka, Haier, Hisense and Changhong use this kind of LCD screen, with the sizes of 42 inches and 47 inches; The other is the VA soft screen, represented by Samsung, sharp and other manufacturers, with sizes of 40 inches and 46 inches.
Author:Zhang Feng   Time:2021-10-14 08:01 Browse(null)
Nowadays, the popularity of LCD (TV) display is higher and higher, but many people still have some mistakes in cleaning LCD.
Author:Chen Shaochuan   Time:2021-10-13 17:55 Browse(null)
If the LCD screen is bad, it will undoubtedly affect the viewing effect. If you don't mind this problem, you can just watch it. Generally speaking, there are no safety problems. First of all, it will not cause the failure of other parts except the TV screen. Secondly, the liquid crystal component leaked out is very small. Besides, it is not a poison, so it will not pose a threat to people. If it is harmful to people, I estimate that it is not as good as a cigarette. There is no saying that there is a large amount of radiation.
Author:Ren Yuan   Time:2021-10-13 16:51 Browse(null)
In addition to doing image design, it must be good to use LCD.
Author:Yu Defeng   Time:2021-10-13 15:47 Browse(null)
Yes, the effect is average
Author:Peng shuoru   Time:2021-10-13 15:46 Browse(null)
This is related to the size. In fact, if the screen is broken, it's better to buy a new one.
Author:Zheng Ying   Time:2021-10-13 15:45 Browse(null)
1、 Don't be greedy for the cheap
Author:Kaka   Time:2021-10-13 14:40 Browse(null)
Television is not about resolution
Author:Hu Rong   Time:2021-10-13 14:37 Browse(null)
First of all, the liquid crystal itself does not have any color, nor does it emit light, nor does it generate heat. At room temperature, it is just a sticky semi liquid. The surface light of LCD screen depends on the lamp. The common one is usually two lamps, but there are also four lamps. Generally speaking, the larger the size, the stronger the light, the brighter the LCD screen, and the higher the temperature (depending on the size of your TV). After a long time, the screen will heat up, leading to the problem of heating on the surface of the LCD screen you mentioned above. As we all know, the LCD screen is made of glass and has the ability of self cooling. However, if the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the aging of the lamp tubes, The user will feel that the brightness gradually decreases, and the effect is better/
Author:wusky   Time:2021-10-13 13:32 Browse(null)
Miss, your TV screen is not broken, but the filter capacitor of the power supply is broken. Brother
Author:Zhai Shijia   Time:2021-10-13 12:30 Browse(null)
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