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OLED liquid crystal will emit light without backlight. LCD liquid crystal will not emit light, so backlight transmission is needed to see the display content.
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Many netizens easily associate OLED with LED backlight, which is widely hyped by manufacturers. In fact, OLED and LED backlight are completely different display technologies. OLEDs emit light by driving the organic film itself with current. The light emitted can be red, green, blue, white and other monochromatic, and can also achieve full-color effect. So OLED is a new luminous principle different from CRT, led and liquid crystal technology.
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What kind of Regent screen? The bright screen is called by the manufacturer. If you press the screen by hand, it will change color, which is called soft screen / no response, which is called hard screen. Description of various LCD screen types (TFT, TFD, ufb, STN, DSTN, OLED, GF, CG, etc.)
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Domestic manufacturers of OLED are as follows:
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The LCD screen used for TV sets, in short, is technically distinguished. The mainstream screens are mainly sharp and Samsung, also known as soft screen, LG is called hard screen, and Taiwan screen is basically developed on the basis of display screen. In terms of resolution, there are 1366 * 768 and 1920 * 1080 basic resolutions, both of which belong to HD standard, but the latter is a special format for film and television. According to the dynamic response time of the screen, there are 4 ms and 18 ms, the former is better than the latter. The above distinction is mainly due to different application requirements and different prices. In addition, the LCD screen of the monitor is different from that of the TV, so it can't replace the TV screen/
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OLED is an organic light-emitting diode, which is a new light-emitting display technology. At present, it is mainly used in two parts: lighting and display (such as smart phones, instrument display - vehicle, tablet computers, monitors, televisions); Generally speaking, WOLED refers to white light OLED used for lighting (white light OLED can be divided into two kinds of realization, one is to use blue light to excite other two colors of light to realize white light, the other is to use two kinds of compensation light to realize white light), so it can be said that WOLED and OLED are a seed and parent relationship
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It's LED. OLED is still a concept and hasn't been put into mass production yet
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From a certain point of view, OLED is regarded as a substitute for plasma because of its self illumination and independent illumination of each pixel. Of course, due to the cost, OLED TV development is still expensive, and LCD TV will not wait to die, through a large number of new technologies to enhance the display effect.
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First, two names:
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This technology can be used not only as half of the lighting source technology, but also as a kind of "matrix arrangement" compact display products. It is known as the "dream" technology of human future light source and display technology. At present, the main development in the world is OLED display technology
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This technology can be used not only as half of the lighting source technology, but also as a kind of "matrix arrangement" compact display products. It is known as the "dream" technology of human future light source and display technology. At present, the main development in the world is OLED display technology
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OLED (organic light emitting display technology) refers to the technology that organic materials emit light under the action of electric field. LED is also an electrical optical conversion device, but it uses inorganic materials. It can be seen that OLED and LED are different and related. The same is that both can be applied in the field of display and lighting. The difference is that in the field of lighting, limited by the structure, LED is the point light source, while OLED is the plane light source; In the field of display, LED display is a display device composed of light-emitting diodes, which can not display high-resolution images, while OLED is a display device composed of lithographic electrode substrate and organic light-emitting materials, which can achieve high resolution/
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Development of OLED TV and led tv
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Although led and OLED are only one letter apart, they actually describe completely different things. We all know that the liquid crystal panel is through the backlight light, through the refraction of liquid crystal molecules and produce a variety of different colors, liquid crystal molecules themselves can not emit light, and led only refers to the backlight. OLED can emit light by itself, so it doesn't need backlight.
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OLED is a surface light source, no glare, no radiation, no UV, very good protection for eyes. Now there are mobile phones and desk lamps made of OLED materials. OLED lighting desk lamp doesn't attract words yet. LED is the most common, but the eye protection is not as good as OLED.
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First, two names:
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With the major mobile phone manufacturers announced that they have entered the era of full screen, OLED has become the air outlet of the display industry. In fact, the TV industry is more advanced in the use of OLED technology than in the mobile phone market, and the demand is also higher than the latter. The emergence of OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology is of great significance to the development of color TV industry, which promotes the transformation and upgrading of color TV industry from traditional price war and promotion war to high-end and high-quality.
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Led: Lianchuang Optoelectronics(
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OLED makes up for many shortcomings of LED, such as the blue light harm and glare of LED, which have potential damage to eyes; The temperature of LED light source rises with the extension of luminous time, which makes the user easily injured; In addition, OLED has the advantages that led can not achieve, such as the light and flexible of OLED, which can make the appearance more rich and beautiful in the production of lamps and lanterns; OLED is a kind of surface light source, which does not need to add lampshade on the outer layer of the lamp.
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