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Sharp color TV lcd-32z100as
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Lowest price: ¥ 5570
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This kind of machine should be in stock. It's not recommended to buy it. But if the price is very advantageous, you can't prevent buying it. After all, all inclusive is the same. I'm afraid it's repairing the machine
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When sharp lcd-60lx540a TV is powered on, the green light is on, and the screen has no image. The general processing methods are as follows: 1. When the green light is on, the TV is powered on. First, check whether the remote control has turned off the screen of the TV, so that the TV is in standby mode, which can be solved by pressing the [power] key of the TV remote control;
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Known as the "father of LCD", sharp has launched its latest high-end product, lx960a Series LCD TV. Compared with other conventional FHD LCD TVs, the biggest feature of lx960a series TVs is that they are equipped with sharp's unique "new generation four-color Technology (Quattro)
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Sharp lcd-60my7008a60 inch 4K LCD TV is equipped with Japanese original x super crystal panel, with a resolution of 3840 * 2160829 million pixels, namely 4K level resolution; W-led side entry backlight design, maximum brightness up to 385nits.
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Lowest price: ¥ 5570
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Basic parameters
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Sharp lcd-32z100as is a kind of color TV with iron base frame. There is another lcd-32z100a of the same kind. The base frame of this LCD color TV is an independent package, with 725 lines of definition and excellent quality/
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Recently, I really want to buy sharp Series LCD TV. I like sharp lcd-40lx430a and lcd-40nx330a on the Internet and Suning Electric appliances. Lcd-40nx330a is updated, but it is av screen. Lcd-40lx430a is X-Gen super crystal screen. There is only this difference between them. How about sharp AV screen?
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It's very ordinary
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Sharp color TV lcd-50s1a
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40lx620a is a 40 inch high-end LCD TV launched by sharp. It has super crystal panel, LED backlight and uv2a technology, which plays a great role in improving picture quality.
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LCD: LCD panel TV.
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Sharp lcd-46lx560a
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