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LED display is a good choice for meeting room at present.
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Led dual color display screen is generally composed of two colors of LED, through different colors of LED can form different display screen, dual primary color is composed of red, green or yellow green two colors, pseudo color is composed of red, yellow green, blue three different colors.
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The power supply of the car screen is 12V, and the standard bracket is also different. Our company specializes in the production of LED car screen, and there are many kinds of specifications, depending on which car to use? Can also be customized, do not understand can contact me, at any time for you to answer
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There's no difference. It's the same. It's just different. If you want to know more about LED display, you can baidu Kewei photoelectric
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What's the difference between LED and LCD? The biggest and most obvious difference is that the LED body is thinner and the LCD is thicker. At present, LED display is mainly backlit by LED light source. In addition to thin, LED display has the advantages of small heating, low power consumption, uniform lighting, true color restoration and long service life; The LCD is thick, hot, power consumption, uneven lighting, color distortion, short life. So the advantage of LED is relatively large, it is recommended to choose LED display.
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1. Common specifications of outdoor LED display: P10, p12, P14, p16, P20 semi outdoor LED display
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1. Common specifications of outdoor LED display: P10, p12, P14, p16, P20 semi outdoor LED display
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I worked with a small advertising company before. It's not bad. He specializes in LED displays and light boxes. Many of his peers can't repair the boards. It's not expensive. It's on the second floor of the east side of more than 50 meters south road of No.14 Middle School on Yong'an Road. QQ: Xinyuan electronics.
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The basic circuit is unified with other circuits,
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If the whole screen scrolling process is this kind of display effect, it may be that the software is not set well!
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tolerable. Automatic switch screen can be set,
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Moistureproof do not know what method to use, lightning protection can be divided into two aspects: 1, should be installed in the power distribution cabinet power lightning protection device, and then grounding, this is the power supply. 2. Lightning protection equipment (lightning rod) shall be installed on the top frame of outdoor LED display screen, and then grounded to protect outdoor LED from lightning attack, which belongs to external lightning protection and direct lightning protection. Complete lightning protection includes these two aspects. Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of lightning protection equipment, and provides technical guidance. You can contact 546299252 on QQ
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The main board working voltage is unstable;
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Shenzhen Eastar Electronics Co., Ltd., led full-color display is really good, at the same time, do the best, or their led grid screen bar. Because a friend of mine works in Shenzhen Eastar Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Indoor 3.75
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In other words, what is the difference between the two?
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In other words, what is the difference between the two?
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Dizzy, the service is so poor? It's faster to call. Different software settings are different.
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In apprenticeship, right / / there's no tutorial. You can only learn by doing for others... That's it..
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