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tolerable. Automatic switch screen can be set,
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Moistureproof do not know what method to use, lightning protection can be divided into two aspects: 1, should be installed in the power distribution cabinet power lightning protection device, and then grounding, this is the power supply. 2. Lightning protection equipment (lightning rod) shall be installed on the top frame of outdoor LED display screen, and then grounded to protect outdoor LED from lightning attack, which belongs to external lightning protection and direct lightning protection. Complete lightning protection includes these two aspects. Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of lightning protection equipment, and provides technical guidance. You can contact 546299252 on QQ
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The main board working voltage is unstable;
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Shenzhen Eastar Electronics Co., Ltd., led full-color display is really good, at the same time, do the best, or their led grid screen bar. Because a friend of mine works in Shenzhen Eastar Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Indoor 3.75
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In other words, what is the difference between the two?
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In other words, what is the difference between the two?
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Dizzy, the service is so poor? It's faster to call. Different software settings are different.
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In apprenticeship, right / / there's no tutorial. You can only learn by doing for others... That's it..
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Do you make whole screen LED display or produce LED display devices such as unit board or module. If it's full screen, write down the product category, name, specification, model, primary color, scanning mode, square points, system, unit price and so on. If it is an LED display, you only need to write down the category, product name, specification, primary color, scanning mode, size and price. For example, if the customer asks for a P10 system and what kind of system he wants, you can introduce it to him.
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More art word bank. Can solve the problem of font.
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1、 Appearance inspection
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Power consumption calculation of display screen
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In the case of dot matrix displays.
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Electronic display depends on its performance and clear picture. Most of the advertising electronic screen area is spliced. Seamless splicing is the best choice. The picture lines are coherent, and the power consumption of large screen is also better. It also depends on the energy-saving effect of the product. I suggest you choose the product with high performance price ratio/
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Suzhou Hengsheng advertising planning Co., Ltd. answers for you: the production process of LED display is very important, and every step should be very standardized. LED electronic screen is composed of driving circuit board, or module, control system (single chip microcomputer), editing software, frame, etc. Suzhou Hengsheng advertising planning Co., Ltd. specializes in providing LED display design, production, installation, after-sales service and other one-stop services. It is suggested that you can order directly from the manufacturer specializing in LED display screen like Hang Seng advertising. Mass production of LED electronic products is more cost-effective. Suzhou Hengsheng advertising planning Co., Ltd. 0512-67545206,
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Production process of LED display screen:
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Hello, green bar found on LED advertising car screen, please check the following two points:
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The energy-saving situation of transparent LED display screen of other manufacturers is not very clear, but when Jinghong technology's transparent LED display screen plays advertisements, it can remove the unnecessary background color and replace it with black when designing the advertising content screen. Only the content that needs to be expressed is displayed, and the black part does not emit light when playing, which is the transparent effect. So it can save more than 30% energy than traditional LED display.
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