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Production method of LED billboard:
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First, next time you ask a question, show respect to others.
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There may be a short circuit in the LED electronic display or a wrong power supply
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This is because the electronic screen is short circuited by rain water, which causes the circuit current to be too large, exceeding the maximum working current of the air switch, causing the air switch to act and trip to protect the electrical equipment and circuit safety.
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It should be that the power supply is out of order or overloaded to enter the protection. You can add a power supply to try or see if the power supply is very hot.
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1. The product quality is not up to standard. When buying, don't be greedy for low price and poor quality products.
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No. It's better not to connect the power supply directly. If your board has no protection circuit and is not connected with the control signal, the line is easy to be on and the line chip will be burned. If the control card is not broken, just connect it, 461697723
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Why are some LED displays on fire?
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For example, for a 30 square p16 full-color LED display, first calculate the number of boxes and the number of power supplies. In general, the number of power supplies is 152, 5v40a, then the power of a single power supply is 200W, 152 * 200W is 30400w, with 380V electricity, then the power divided by the power supply is the current. 30400w / 380V=80A, and then add some auxiliary equipment such as air conditioner. About 35kw, The power supply is about 90a, and then we can check how many square wires can carry more than 90a current. We find that 25 square wires can carry 100A current, so we choose 25 square power wires
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Making method of LED billboard
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Power cord, electric drill, make colorful signboard: fix the purchased molding iron sheet characters to the right position, this step is more difficult and systematic, the general led center spacing is. Test aging.
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Moistureproof do not know what method to use, lightning protection can be divided into two aspects: 1, should be installed in the power distribution cabinet power lightning protection device, and then grounding, this is the power supply. 2. Lightning protection equipment (lightning rod) shall be installed on the top frame of outdoor LED display screen, and then grounded to protect outdoor LED from lightning attack, which belongs to external lightning protection and direct lightning protection. Complete lightning protection includes these two aspects. Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of lightning protection equipment, and provides technical guidance. You can contact 546299252 on QQ
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Step 1:
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Introduction to display
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Led global online (www.ledgb. Com): the professional and authoritative portal of LED industry, with an average daily visit of 4.5%
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1、 Appearance inspection
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