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1、 When to launch outdoor advertising
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1、 When to launch outdoor advertising
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At present, the forms of outdoor media mainly include: bus shelter, bus body, LED large screen, light box, subway, taxi, road sign, etc.
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Outdoor advertising is called outdoor in English
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I do this, of course, according to the time charge, my minimum charge is 5 seconds
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Any material that can appeal to many consumers at the same time in the form of advertising in open air or public places and achieve the purpose of promoting goods can be called outdoor advertising media. Outdoor advertising can be divided into two categories: plane and three-dimensional: billboard advertising, poster advertising, wall advertising, posters, banners and so on. Three dimensional advertising is divided into neon lamp, advertising column, advertising tower, light box, outdoor LCD advertising machine, etc. In outdoor advertising, signboards and posters are the two most important forms, which have great influence. The beautifully designed outdoor advertising belt has become a symbol of a region. The advantages of outdoor advertising are:
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Outdoor display has many advantages, so it is inevitable that it will become an outdoor media trend
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In all advertising media, outdoor advertising is the oldest form of media, has strong vitality. Since the city and trade, there have been outdoor advertisements. From the original wooden plaque, lanterns and flags, to today's computer painting, neon lights, LCD electronic display, outdoor advertising has a long history. Due to the progress of science and technology, LED has been widely used. For example, LED light source is generally used in acrylic light box. At the same time, LED is also made into a variety of LED displays to express advertisers' advertising demands through various means. The development of LED application technology has added new life to the competitive advertising industry/
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The demand of outdoor advertisement is getting higher and higher
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The future will usher in a new era of LED,    With the progress of social science and technology and the development of outdoor advertising, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor media. Traditional street signs, light boxes, single columns, neon lights and other forms of expression, single outdoor media has been unable to meet the needs of the audience
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The demand of outdoor advertisement is getting higher and higher
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LED is mainly used for landscape lighting projects, bars, KTV and other color lighting effects
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[by building]
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The demand of outdoor advertisement is getting higher and higher
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The demand of outdoor advertisement is getting higher and higher
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Now, when we drive or walk on the city streets, outdoor LED displays will continue to come into view. Some people say that after TV, computer and mobile phone, outdoor LED media makes urban people "be the fourth screen"! So, what does the fourth screen mean for urbanites?
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The demand of outdoor advertisement is getting higher and higher
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