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High definition display has higher resolution, more delicate and clear display. But the host configuration requirements will be relatively higher. The three monitors are all 1080p high-resolution displays. In terms of cost performance, the Great Wall m2336 should be the highest.
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LCD TV, including
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1、 Don't be greedy for the cheap
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Although you are used to play games, I still suggest you buy widescreen. There are two reasons: first, almost all movies are widescreen now. Watching movies on a 16:9 widescreen after games is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment of beauty. In addition, widescreen has become a mainstream development trend. Now not only computer screens, but also TV sets are developing in the direction of widescreen. I believe that in the future, many game products and entertainment products will develop in this direction. So you now buy a widescreen is also in line with the trend of development.
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1. Set the TV signal source to PC mode. 2. Set the resolution and refresh rate of the computer graphics card. This is the key to the setting, because the resolution of the graphics card is suitable for the computer monitor. For the 16:9 LCD TV, it can only be compatible. Unless the graphics card is specially matched with the LCD TV, the ordinary graphics card can not reach the highest resolution of the TV. In order to cooperate with the graphics card, the TV has a set of inherent resolution and refresh rate (there is a list in the TV manual). We must set the resolution and refresh rate of the graphics card to be exactly the same as one of them, so that the TV can display the computer picture normally. Specific design/
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Because of the different resolution, TV generally can not reach a very high resolution. Like the more advanced TV now, the general picture can reach 1020p. Specific you can go to Baidu to search.
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The resolution of TV is different from that of computer
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1. Try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time
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Outdoor advertising belongs to spray painting. If you want to have a resolution of 32, indoor photography requires a resolution of 300, and Internet use requires a resolution of 72
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There may be some differences in the resolution setting of Oboo outdoor advertising machines with different screen sizes, so the screen size can be set according to the resolution
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Hello, video processor is the witness and landmark equipment of the birth, growth and maturity of LED full-color display screen. In this process, led special video processing equipment is gradually becoming mature. The advantages and disadvantages of LED video processor directly affect the display effect of LED display screen. In general, LED video processor is a special video processor for LED. The task it needs to complete is simply to convert the image signal from the outside (such as Blu ray DVD, computer, HD player box, etc.) into the signal that the LED display can accept. The quality of LED video processor directly affects the display effect of LED display screen.
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LCD screens suitable for splicing are: Samsung's 40 inch, 46 inch, 55 inch; LG's 42 "and 47"; Sharp's 52 Inch, 60 inch, which is currently the most commonly used LCD splicing screen
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When you watch all kinds of music concerts or large-scale parties, do you find that there are always colorful display effects on the large screen, with all kinds of lighting effects. After all, how do these large screens come together? Have you ever thought about it? Today, the editor of Tuba rabbit will bring you the explanation of the patchwork of these screens. I hope you can benefit a lot from it after opening your eyes.
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LED display advertising, if it is monochrome screen, the main display text, as long as you set the font and display mode is good, the control system comes with software, very simple. And two colors.
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SLCD is English spice
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At present, 42, 46, 49, 55.66 inches of these five. 47 production
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First move: check whether the graphics card is excessively overclocking. If the graphics card is used excessively, there will be irregular and discontinuous stripes. At this time, the overclocking amplitude should be reduced appropriately. Note that the first step is to reduce the video frequency.
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LCD screens suitable for splicing are: Samsung's 40 inch, 46 inch, 55 inch; LG's 42 "and 47"; Sharp's 52 Inch and 60 Inch LCD splicing screens are the most commonly used LCD splicing screen brands at present, such as CITIC display, Samsung, sharp, TCL, Skyworth, BSV, LG, Chuangwei Size and specification: 40 inch narrow edge: pm400ux-6a splicing gap: about 20 mm 42 inch narrow edge: pm420ux-6a splicing gap: about 20 mm 46 inch narrow edge: pm460ux-6a splicing gap: about 20 mm 47 inch narrow edge: pm470ux-6a splicing gap: about 20 mm 46 inch ultra narrow edge: pm460ut-6a splicing gap: about 6.7 mm 47 inch ultra narrow edge/
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1. Rear projection splicing curtain wall
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