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Independent electrical switch, first calculate about how much power, find out the approximate current, leaving 2 times the margin wiring; Make a few long screws on the wall and fix it (pay attention to the heat dissipation hole)
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Indoor full-color is the most used: ph6, ph7.62, PH10 these three, not commonly used are pH4, pH5, pH8, pH12, PH16 and so on
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By viewing distance and screen size and other factors, generally there will be more than 1.8 meters.
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It depends on whether you make full-color or monochrome
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What are the factors to consider the screen area allowed by the user's site?
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How many power sources are used in it... It's basically 40W... Then use your physics knowledge to calculate
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The rear panel of the display screen can be connected with any kind of connector
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Now there are many people and manufacturers who make LED display screen; Chengdu also many manufacturers do this, but are in the LED base in Shenzhen stock, their own production is less!
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As a professional
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The LED display screen can display changing numbers, words, graphics and images; It can be used not only in indoor environment, but also in outdoor environment. It has the incomparable advantages of projector, TV wall and LCD
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The maximum power consumption of outdoor LED display (full-color) is about 800W / m2, that is to say, when the outdoor LED display reaches the maximum power (peak) every moment, the power consumption per square hour will be 0.8kwh.
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Pay attention to the brand of LED, preferably a well-known brand, which can last longer. The theoretical life of LED display screen is 5-7 years. Pay attention to the brand of the control card, and ask for the effect clearly. Some control cards have poor operability and effect. Find a business with good reputation. Pay attention to the power supply is also very important, cheap movie don't want you can baidu Qilin electronics, on his forum to see information. Or to their Taobao shop to see, compare the price and quality, comprehensive, take a look, pay attention not to greedy small cheap, such as some businesses with cheap, a power supply he let you take 12 screen. Some look expensive, a power supply only with 9/
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One of my brothers is very familiar with the media industry. According to him, one point media purchased lighthouse's LED display and installed it. Lighthouse has a good development momentum in the domestic market recently. It seems that there are big screens in Wuhan racecourse and Wuhan airport.
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I'm a manufacturer of LED full-color display with a registered capital of 52 million yuan. If you want to make full-color display, you might as well consider my 186sdf566sdfe092wery07
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Hope it can help you.
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P14 outdoor full-color brightness is greater than 5500cd / m2 (brightness can only be measured with professional "brightness tester")
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Shenzhen Xingguang led Co., Ltd. specializes in the maintenance of full-color LED display screen, stage LED large screen, square LED advertising screen, single and double color LED display screen.
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There is a dead point
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How far is the distance between your full color LED display and your computer? In fact, remote control is not far away.
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I really don't know how to do this in Inner Mongolia. Look at your picture, it should be monochrome. Generally, the price of monochrome P10 is about 2300; Square meters below belongs to the full-color screen, according to your size to decide what kind of, but suggest you use P10 or p12.5, P10 full-color price is generally 12000 per square meter, p12.5 in 11000 per square meter, can also do p16, but if small, p16 effect is not very good, p16 price is generally 8000-9000 per square meter, provide these kinds of screen chip is: Red: Taiwan crystal
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