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Electronic display screen is through the software to change the word, change the display speed and so on.
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You find the city management, ask them to coordinate the LED display brightness down, the sound down! This is more feasible. It's unrealistic to turn off the LED display. People who have been approved by the urban management before construction still pay the money to the urban management every year! You can also find some more affected to reflect together, so the effect will be better! Multi coordination
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In fact, the maintenance of LED display is not too difficult. If you study deeply enough, you can modify the circuit or something. If it's just a simple hardware maintenance, it's nothing more than the power supply, unit board, power cord, cable arrangement and control system. If you eliminate these units one by one, the problem will be solved.
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High coverage
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If the digital LED display is very cheap, it is relatively inexpensive. If you use the multimedia outdoor display, the price is very high. It is installed according to the square. If you use it yourself, the cost is very high
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Look at the score!
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Outdoor advertisements are everywhere. They are compulsive, have no choice and have to be seen. You can see them as long as you open your eyes
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First of all, you need to position your career and your expertise and network. When you have a good career positioning, understand the consumer groups, the company will have the corresponding training, will give you a list of your target customers. So you don't have to worry about sales. You don't know who to sell your products to, for example, LED advertising. The consumer groups of LED advertising are enterprises with brands, such as Midea, Haier, real estate conglomerates and so on. Only enterprises with considerable strength have the intention to advertise. Server equipment, of course, is to find it consumer groups, there are also corporate unit servers and so on, the loan agent is to find factories or shipping enterprises. Only in this way can we have the goods for you. Wedding/
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There are a lot of outdoor advertisements on large LED double flip display screen, but the price difference between p12 and p16 is not big. Within 200 yuan, please add QQ: 1514194448
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PH10 outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen requires the best effect:
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Outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen, the most for the best effect, the proportion of words, the conventional press 16:9 or 4:3, now there is no requirement for the proportion, basically heteromorphic also can attract more attention!
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Check whether the power supply is damaged. From what you said, the screen is falsely bright, but it is unlikely,
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It is better to use P5 and P6 for 30 square meters of outdoor projects. The price of the screen is about 100000, and the installation of the whole project is about 200000.
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Outdoor points
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New advertising media -- taxi LED electronic screen advertising
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new advertising media -- taxi LED electronic screen advertising
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How to operate LED large screen advertising, I give my suggestions as follows:
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The resolution of LED is very low, you just need to see clearly on the computer screen, just like ppt
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Taxi LED display advertising
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