The application of taxi LED advertising screen in the taxi GPS operation market is actually the combination of new media advertising and taxi GPS operation, which brings a new operation mode for operators.
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"Led flip on both sides", also known as LED flip screen or LED flip on three sides, is a kind of high-end outdoor advertising media combining led full-color screen and spray painting picture. The dynamic photo effect of "led flip on both sides" in the daytime and the vivid film and television picture on the LED display screen in the evening attract people's attention, making outdoor advertising realize the perfect combination of day and night, It gives full play to the advantages of three sided display in the daytime and display in the night, and realizes the complementary advantages of three sided display and display. You can also switch between the two media according to the advertising needs, so that your advertising effect can be fully displayed. The advantages of LED double flip L/
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1、 When to launch outdoor advertising
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After you decide that you really need to advertise. Before the action, the important job is to find the right advertising media. Choosing the right media is an important basis to avoid the cost of advertising.
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The price is determined by many factors, not a single one. Such as the choice of material, the choice of geographical location, the size of the area and so on, can be the price standard. However, many details of the question can go to eagle eyes to understand, this is still understand more.
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Chuangtufang has strong design ability and high cost performance
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Get a questionnaire, find some people to do a questionnaire, effective point~
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High coverage
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Outdoor advertising is called outdoor in English
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The outdoor giant advertising projector uses the artistic skills of creative technology design and computer screen design, so that the advertising picture can be expressed in a real forest, with clear and bright picture, good color reproduction and rich pictures and texts;
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In today's Internet era, big data technology has gradually matured and is breaking what you call "untraceable effect". If the media monitoring data can be falsified, the sales data and store arrival data can not be falsified, so there is still a better way.
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Outdoor advertisements are everywhere. They are compulsive, have no choice and have to be seen. You can see them as long as you open your eyes
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Any material that can appeal to many consumers at the same time in the form of advertising in open air or public places and achieve the purpose of promoting goods can be called outdoor advertising media. Outdoor advertising can be divided into two categories: plane and three-dimensional: billboard advertising, poster advertising, wall advertising, posters, banners and so on. Three dimensional advertising is divided into neon lamp, advertising column, advertising tower, light box, outdoor LCD advertising machine, etc. In outdoor advertising, signboards and posters are the two most important forms, which have great influence. The beautifully designed outdoor advertising belt has become a symbol of a region. The advantages of outdoor advertising are:
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Now the advertising machine is mainly divided into outdoor (LED advertising machine) and indoor (LCD advertising machine)
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First, the brightness of the outdoor LCD advertising machine is 1000 CD / m2-4000 CD / m2, which is still high-definition and bright even in the outdoor sunlight. It can provide people with beautiful visual enjoyment, so as to spread the advertising that the enterprise wants to publicize. This is also the reason why the outdoor advertising function of AVIC Sunny is deeply loved at home and abroad.
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Recommended today; Consulting Star: Beijing Caijin advertising media Co., Ltd
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PH10 outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen requires the best effect:
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It depends on the size of the brand, what kind of product is suitable for making, how much investment is to be made, and then which advertisements are to be published. The best thing is to integrate advertising with lighting. Simple advertising has caused aesthetic fatigue, and it is not easy to approve. Integrating advertising with lighting will not only beautify and brighten the city, but also bring advertising benefits to advertising companies, and the advertising space is also good for approval.
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In all advertising media, outdoor advertising is the oldest form of media, has strong vitality. Since the city and trade, there have been outdoor advertisements. From the original wooden plaque, lanterns and flags, to today's computer painting, neon lights, LCD electronic display, outdoor advertising has a long history. Due to the progress of science and technology, LED has been widely used. For example, LED light source is generally used in acrylic light box. At the same time, LED is also made into a variety of LED displays to express advertisers' advertising demands through various means. The development of LED application technology has added new life to the competitive advertising industry/
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