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I'll send it to you and give it to me~
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I really don't know how to do this in Inner Mongolia. Look at your picture, it should be monochrome. Generally, the price of monochrome P10 is about 2300; Square meters below belongs to the full-color screen, according to your size to decide what kind of, but suggest you use P10 or p12.5, P10 full-color price is generally 12000 per square meter, p12.5 in 11000 per square meter, can also do p16, but if small, p16 effect is not very good, p16 price is generally 8000-9000 per square meter, provide these kinds of screen chip is: Red: Taiwan crystal
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The size of P10 module is 160 * 160
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The application of taxi LED advertising screen in the taxi GPS operation market is actually the combination of new media advertising and taxi GPS operation, which brings a new operation mode for operators.
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The network cable interface of LED display screen is on the control card. This is the hardware facility. There's no way to change it.
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The world's largest LED advertising screen is located in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Yes, it's Dubai again. It's destined to be a place of miracles.
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LED display maintenance information
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Troubleshooting of outdoor module of LED display screen (taking p10-1r as an example)
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Advertising machine??
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LED advertising is a kind of outdoor advertising media with strong penetration. According to the 2011 survey data of China market and media research, at least 75% of the major cities in China
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Choose from the style. If you are satisfied with it, you can't do without it. Because this is built-in. No changes have to be added.
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"Led flip on both sides", also known as LED flip screen or LED flip on three sides, is a kind of high-end outdoor advertising media combining led full-color screen and spray painting picture. The dynamic photo effect of "led flip on both sides" in the daytime and the vivid film and television picture on the LED display screen in the evening attract people's attention, making outdoor advertising realize the perfect combination of day and night, It gives full play to the advantages of three sided display in the daytime and display in the night, and realizes the complementary advantages of three sided display and display. You can also switch between the two media according to the advertising needs, so that your advertising effect can be fully displayed. The advantages of LED double flip L/
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UL is an international certification to the United States, but it is not mandatory. If the product passes UL, it means that the product has excellent quality, and if the product has problems in use, UL will pay for insurance. Led word to do UL, is to use UL
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Outdoor full-color LED screen most if according to the square meter to calculate the price, generally is how much a square meter, different LED screen spacing, the price is not the same. Your question is too general to answer.
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1. At present, in the first tier cities, advertising is basically charged per second, although the cost is large, but the benefit is considerable. Now some second and third tier cities are quietly setting off the hot wind of LED outdoor advertising full-color screen.
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After looking at the answers to the questions, we basically got to the point, which is the reason for the cost. The most understandable example is that the price of the 100 inch Sony TV z9d is 490000 yuan, while the price of the 100 inch Jimi laser TV A1 is 25999 yuan. People can see that the price difference between the two is not several times. With the increase of LCD screen size, the cost increases geometrically. The IMAX screen size of cinema standard is 22 meters wide and 16 meters high. If you use LCD screen, you can imagine the cost. Although the small space led, seamless LCD and other large screen display technology has been mature, and in many commercial scenarios/
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You can make a standard resolution map according to the aspect ratio
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You can see the media information of this led screen on Eagle outdoor media
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