LED advertising screen

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Making method of LED billboard
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See how much space you make
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Power cord, electric drill, make colorful signboard: fix the purchased molding iron sheet characters to the right position, this step is more difficult and systematic, the general led center spacing is. Test aging.
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It is necessary to have a good relationship with traffic management, transportation management and taxi companies. Then say hello to these leaders. There is no approval procedure. Now every city basically has it. As long as you guarantee product safety and advertising civilization, they won't embarrass you
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The photoelectric engineering division of Yibin Meishi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive display technology integrating indoor and outdoor full-color LED display, indoor and outdoor single and double color LED display, traffic guidance LED display, LED advertising screen, lighting engineering design, night lighting design, lighting design, led night scene lighting, road lighting engineering, building lighting engineering construction, installation and after-sales Lighting system service provider. We have professional, comprehensive talents and excellent management team, and can design the best cost-effective application solutions according to customer needs. Products are led indoor and outdoor full-color, single and double color display, led high-power projection lamp, wash wall lamp/
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Of course, it's the places where people often appear. For example, the LED screen advertisements of shampoo shops and Yulong media are put on the occasions where user groups often appear. You can learn about them.
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LED display backlight meter is generally greater than 12V, according to different display settings. You can try the following methods:
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The characteristics of the LED display can be roughly divided into five points
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What you said is not very clear. Your company invests in large screen and operates advertising company, right?
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If the full-color synchronous display screen, the computer needs to be turned on, because the computer screen and the display screen are synchronized in real time.
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Urumqi taxi led ceiling light screen is the first taxi led ceiling light screen in China, with a total of about 7000 units. It is provided by Dalian Bohai technology, the originator of taxi LED advertising screen. After more than three years of testing, it has been applied stably
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Henry, 1907
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There is a dead point
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If LED screen and light box are accounted as fixed assets, materials are engineering materials.
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I really don't know how to do this in Inner Mongolia. Look at your picture, it should be monochrome. Generally, the price of monochrome P10 is about 2300; Square meters below belongs to the full-color screen, according to your size to decide what kind of, but suggest you use P10 or p12.5, P10 full-color price is generally 12000 per square meter, p12.5 in 11000 per square meter, can also do p16, but if small, p16 effect is not very good, p16 price is generally 8000-9000 per square meter, provide these kinds of screen chip is: Red: Taiwan crystal
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It's not so easy to make a taxi LED advertising screen.
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