For sharp lcd50uea TV, they support mobile remote control, because now there are many kinds of TV, they support that mobile remote control. You can download a remote control from the mobile phone, and you can directly use the mobile phone remote control, as long as you connect to the network.
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The audio output line of the TV is connected with the audio input line of the power amplifier.
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Sharp lcd-65ur30a is a 4K TV, the picture quality also needs to be Ultra HD! The key is that this TV also uses intelligent contrast enhancement technology, which can enhance the contrast of the picture. Coupled with the curved surface effect, it's the best way to watch high-definition programs!
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The lcd-32ge220a is 720p
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Sharp lcd-55s3a
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The quality of sharp TV lcd-52lv925a is very good. It uses LCD display panel and high-definition display. The cost performance is very high. Here is the parameter information:
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If you have a socket, you can definitely watch videos. What formats are supported in the manual. If you don't write in detail, you can find a few short videos and convert them into different formats. For those HD formats, I'll give you an order of wma / VOB / mov / AVI / MKV / RMVB / RM with high definition. If the definition is good, then the bottom will be blurred. The best is AVI / RMVB / RM, because the file is not particularly large definition.
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With the data line, if you don't have it, you can buy it or ask someone else to borrow it. That location may be a little hard to find.
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A complete description of sharp lcd-65ds83a and sharp lcd-65su760a
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Sharp lcd-60tx85a is a 60 Inch 4K flat panel TV, the quality is very good, intelligent and powerful 10 cores
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Large size LCD screen sharp can do, technology is relatively mature. It can be used.
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Sharp lcd-60tx7008a is an all-in-one machine, which uses Android system, supports installation software, iqiyi video resources, 1.5g running memory, 8g flash memory, four core CPU, six core GPU, and supports voice remote control and Bluetooth. At present, it is sold in JD, Fulian and other platforms.
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Very good, now the market price 12999! But also a new ud30, better than this one! The price is also better
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Sharp is famous for making screens. My family also bought sharp. After all, it's a joint venture. The quality is OK
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Sharp TV has led, and most of them are, but all sharp models are represented by LCD, which is related to the naming habits and traditions of manufacturers.
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It is recommended that you download and install TV home browser on TV home network, which can not only watch live and on demand, but also have news, music, pictures, shopping and other functions. TV home network has a detailed installation of third-party software tutorial.
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Screen size: 46 inch LCD panel: X-Gen resolution: 1920 × 1080 screen scale: 16:9 power consumption (W): 95w size range: 40-50
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Sharp lcd-52lx765a is not a 4K TV, just a TV
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