There are synchronous and asynchronous displays, but for spreadsheets, they are almost the same. It seems that they can't directly support the transfer of Excel tables. They all need to insert tables into the software and then edit them;
Author:Dancing with the wind   Time:2021-09-20 17:59 Browse(null)
See what kind of software you use, now the LED player software generally has this function
Author:Liu Yanping   Time:2021-09-20 15:45 Browse(null)
You need to know what type of software you are using. My friend, I have some software here/
Author:Wu Meng   Time:2021-09-20 14:42 Browse(null)
Connect the data line, and then install a display software, which can be input through the computer. Some of them are infrared, and use the remote control to replace the text. Some of them use wireless network.
Author:Feng Junjie   Time:2021-09-20 13:34 Browse(null)
Lingxingyu or carlette synchronous asynchronous control card.
Author:Jin Jiming   Time:2021-09-20 12:29 Browse(null)
Generally, the display screen seldom makes modules, and some modules are not well done. One is the problem of purchasing raw materials. If the quantity is small, the cost will go up. The quantity of professional modules is very large; Second, the problem of professional level, making module production is not so simple; Third, management can't keep up.
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1、 Precautions for switching LED electronic display screen:
Author:Li Jinjin   Time:2021-09-20 09:58 Browse(null)
When I just came into contact with LED electronic display for hardware debugging and installation, I didn't know how to start without detailed instructions. After a long time of research, I couldn't find the correct debugging and installation method. After consulting Honghai photoelectric siege lion, I sorted out the steps and process of full-color LED electronic display hardware debugging and installation, hoping to help you!
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First of all, your LED display has a control card, which can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous. Then your corresponding control card has a corresponding control software. Edit the content in the control software and send it to the display screen. The asynchronous card should be connected to the signal line when sending. You don't need a cable. The sync card is wired all the time. Just edit and send it directly.
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Zhende electronics professional LED display, LED electronic light box, guardrail tube production; Website:;
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This is because the software is not set correctly. This software is 3rh32u software. There must be an error in setting. To display the corresponding software line/
Author:Chen Chaojun   Time:2021-09-18 16:49 Browse(null)
It's hard to say. Open it and see which model and manufacturer. EQ is Shanghai's best. Software is not omnipotent. Each manufacturer does not support each other. Serial ports are usually 235, 232 or network ports
Author:Liu Qingxin   Time:2021-09-17 17:54 Browse(null)
Generally, before the program is ready, it should be set, such as the time to stay, the speed to run, the way to enter, and so on. After setting, it can be sent again! Most software is like this! There is an article in the "technical support" on the official website of Shenzhen Shangshang integrity Technology Co., Ltd.,
Author:Wang Xiaoju   Time:2021-09-17 16:53 Browse(null)
Generally, it needs to be realized by application software. There is a show electronic information release system, which is very powerful. It can broadcast outdoor full-color screen, pictures and videos. The most amazing thing is that it can realize multi-point networking synchronization, and it can edit programs like TV. It's easy to use! It's just a charge!!!
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Judging from the problem
Author:Guo Qi   Time:2021-09-17 14:41 Browse(null)
1. Find the USB interface of the computer and insert it into the USB disk, as shown in the figure below.
Author:Small world for you   Time:2021-09-17 14:39 Browse(null)
First confirm whether your machine has two memory, if you just plug in a memory try, or not, download a NOD32 antivirus software to kill, first determine whether there is a virus! Then determine whether it is your system problem. If it is, do it according to my method. I guarantee that your computer is 100% stable
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