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8 * 4m outdoor advertisement
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Types: 1. "S" type billboards - billboards with an area of more than 250 square meters, such as super large billboards distributed on the roof of large buildings and roadsides;
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Outdoor billboard is a good advertising media. First of all, we should recognize our own advantages, such as the location, location and size of the first-class advertisement, and what is the advertising arrival rate for customers; What are the shortcomings? What means can be used to make up for these shortcomings? This is to tell the customer clearly, so that the customer can understand the value of your billboard; Second, target customers should be identified. Most outdoor advertisements are aimed at large enterprises, such as automobile and shopping malls; Third, we need to go to each enterprise to run the market, that is to run the business! That's about it. Other details/
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Wall advertisement
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Outdoor large-scale spray painting and computer draft production
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How to put it? I'm in this business. I understand your passion and hard work. My many years of experience is that advertising is inseparable from three elements: resources, contacts and expertise. Resources are your advertising platform, such as the factory fence. As for the specialty, it is some advertising design. It doesn't matter. Hire someone to design it.
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To see you do P several, outdoor P6, P8, P10, p16 are the most commonly used, the larger the distance, the cheaper, do P10 is about 2600 square meters!
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100 is more detailed! No sincerity, I won't tell you!
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Outdoor advertising in China
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There are many forms of outdoor advertising: outdoor column (outdoor brand), outdoor roof flip, outdoor wall advertising, outdoor LED display advertising, bus stop, pedestrian channel light box advertising
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Very good. At least in terms of the current market, Jiangsu and Suzhou in the Yangtze River Delta are doing very well, followed by Shenzhen. The outdoor advertising market is not saturated. In some fourth, third and even second tier cities, outdoor advertising is not very hot. Some cities have not even achieved urban lighting. At night, we rarely see outdoor advertising such as LED display screen and acrylic light-emitting words. So the prospect of advertising industry is very good.
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At present, Guizhou Yuanqi Advertising Co., Ltd. is the largest outdoor advertising company in Guizhou. In addition to the self built high pole billboards on expressways, they also have outdoor billboards in Guiyang. Especially in the past few years, the company's outdoor billboards accounted for almost 60% of Guiyang's share, just because Guiyang's unified city image was removed a lot. Recently, they have built some outdoor billboards and LED electronic displays in Huaxi Avenue, Sanqiao and railway stations. In addition, the university advertising is also developed exclusively by them. It can be said that 60% of outdoor billboards in Guiyang are sold directly or indirectly by this company. With/
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Outdoor, net the world
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1. At present, in the first tier cities, advertising is basically charged per second, although the cost is large, but the benefit is considerable. Now some second and third tier cities are quietly setting off the hot wind of LED outdoor advertising full-color screen.
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To apply for the construction of outdoor advertising space, it is necessary to apply to the local municipal department, and the right to publish outdoor advertising investment is also necessary to apply to the municipal department for "outdoor advertising license". Only companies with the right to publish outdoor advertising agency can publish outdoor advertising, otherwise it is a violation of the law!
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Outdoor projection advertising under the new situation is to use a kind of high-power projection equipment, using optical projection principle and high brightness light source to project the full-color advertising content on the negative film onto the exterior wall of high-rise buildings, forming outdoor advertising with great visual impact at night.
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If the digital LED display is very cheap, it is relatively inexpensive. If you use the multimedia outdoor display, the price is very high. It is installed according to the square. If you use it yourself, the cost is very high
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Outdoor advertising can directly reflect the economic activity of a region. It plays an inestimable role in the image and development of the city.
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The effect of the two factors was analyzed
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