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At present, there are P6 / P5 / P4 / P3 / p2.5/p1.5/p1.
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It depends on whether you make full-color or monochrome
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Belongs to outdoor advertising, must go to the industry and commerce administration department to apply for installation, industry and Commerce Department, whether you are advertising for individuals or for others, are the same, is reasonable.
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LED screen is divided into indoor, semi outdoor, outdoor, and monochrome, two-color, full-color, the price also varies greatly. It depends on which one you choose. The price is 3500-5500 yuan / m2
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Design, production, publicity and so on are OK
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Hello, the semi outdoor display screen consists of, semi outdoor module, power supply, control system, frame, copper column or magnetic column, etc
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Outdoor door electronic LED display also belongs to outdoor advertising.
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If the outdoor advertising screen is in the business circle and the viewing distance is relatively close, P8 and above models can be considered, so that there will not be a strong sense of particles in the case of close viewing. As for the area, it depends on the installation environment and cost budget. You can talk about your needs before you choose the LED screen engineer, ask him to give you a recommendation and quotation, and then find several peers to make a comparison, see the strength, and then make a decision.
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Advantages of outdoor large-scale electronic display screen for advertising:
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What you wrote here is a bit general. There are many types of displays, including PH10 outdoor single red, PH16 outdoor single red, P20 outdoor single red!
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Industry is charged by the square, the general price includes the installation costs, and then see what model of products you use
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Use semi outdoor high brightness! It's OK, Shenzhen aierde optoelectronics Co., Ltd! LED manufacturers! National Recruitment Agency
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Generally use LED dot matrix screen outdoors. The brightness of the liquid crystal is too low, and it's not waterproof.
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Outdoor big screen is an upgraded product of outdoor big brands. Its location is significant and its forms of expression are diversified. It is favored by brand image advertising. Brand maintenance is not a matter of overnight. It is very important to choose the appropriate location according to the characteristics of the product. Long term launch is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, that is, to meet the requirements
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If it's an outdoor large screen, you need high-definition equipment. The price is not low. We also do film and television. To be honest, if the effect is better, you'd better find a big company. Jiangsu Satellite TV only has high-definition equipment, and you can't watch it on the outdoor large screen with standard definition equipment.
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Configuration of LED advertising car: Dongfeng eq1080sj9bde chassis is used as mobile equipment, the upper compartment is arc-shaped steel frame structure, and the interior is decorated with patterned aluminum plate; P10 full-color outdoor shockproof and waterproof screen is used in the cab side of the car body, and the size is self-determined. Roller with strip screen is used in the side of the copilot, and the roller size is optional. The tail is monochrome outdoor display screen size optional. The generator adopts 8 kW Omar generator with mechatronics; The lower part is surrounded by a small arc and equipped with a vehicle toolbox; The car is equipped with four 30W stereo, one power amplifier, one computer, two ventilation fans and two emergency escape doors, and the others are produced according to the standard. Air conditioning is optional.
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Are there any competitive products for outdoor advertising LED displays? There is also competition among the major manufacturers in the large screen industry( Super color
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For society, the most crowded place must be outdoors, and the advertising value gathering point of advertisers is also produced by us outdoors. So for outdoor LED outdoor advertising equipment, what should we do in rainy days? How to waterproof outdoor LED display in four seasons? If there is water in the interior of outdoor LED display equipment, there must be some potential safety hazard, and its internal parts are also prone to corrosion, causing permanent damage to outdoor LED display. So, how should outdoor LED display be waterproof?
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The unit board of LED display refers to the main unit of the display, which is composed of LED and driving circuit. Indoor screens are usually made up of unit boards. Unit module: the smallest display unit of outdoor display screen. By a number of light-emitting diodes in accordance with a certain order, through welding, pouring glue and other processes packaged in a fixed mold shell, it becomes a module. Unit box: it is the main unit of the display screen, which is composed of unit boards in a certain order. The outdoor screen is usually composed of a unit box.
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In my opinion, the quality is very important, no money also spent, also can't get the quality guarantee, so parents don't neglect the safety risk because of the price
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