1. Open online shop, such as Baidu you, Taobao, paipai, etc., as long as the ID card real name authentication is OK.
Author:Xue Qian   Time:2021-10-13 12:29 Browse(null)
This is not consumer goods. Not suitable.
Author:Yi Shui Chang Liu   Time:2021-10-10 15:47 Browse(null)
You should be talking about the drill show. This is a deduction based on the show. The cost is related to your bid, for example, 1000 show / 6 yuan. If your bid is successful, you have a budget of 2000 today, and the system will deduct these costs according to the actual show volume until the first focus is finished.
Author:Zhou Haofeng   Time:2021-10-04 14:42 Browse(null)
In today's Internet era, big data technology has gradually matured and is breaking what you call "untraceable effect". If the media monitoring data can be falsified, the sales data and store arrival data can not be falsified, so there is still a better way.
Author:Li Tingting   Time:2021-10-02 09:49 Browse(null)
Iqiyi is now a big platform with high exposure and precise delivery. At present, tmall, Jingdong, Suning e-buy, vipshop and other major e-businesses are advertising on iqiyi. I am in charge of iqiyi. If you are interested, you can have a chat
Author:qgerq   Time:2021-09-22 14:38 Browse(null)
Hello, friend, I'm also in charge of the sales of the factory. I hope I can help you in some way
Author:Li Xueqing   Time:2021-09-14 16:53 Browse(null)
Theoretically, as long as it is an enterprise, it should have a demand for electronic display boards. However, as far as the specific problem is concerned, some stores have a greater demand for electronic display boards. If you want to do this, you'd better go to those places to run business, and the possibility of success is greater. For example, public utility companies
Author:Luo Hao   Time:2021-09-12 15:44 Browse(null)
Do a lot of this, baidu out of a lot of companies, but I think Chongqing Shayi technology company to do LED advertising screen is very good.
Author:jessie   Time:2021-09-04 08:04 Browse(null)
1280 - but if you want to work so high, basically no one uses a very high height. Six or seven hundred is very high on the monitor.
Author:Luo Lu   Time:2021-08-30 12:26 Browse(null)
Go directly to the big screen advertising company to do activities
Author:alina   Time:2021-08-29 16:51 Browse(null)
There is a "template" at the top of the "store modification" page. Click in and the "background" setting is.
Author:Tao Yang   Time:2021-08-22 08:04 Browse(null)
If it's for home use
Author:Fan Weibin   Time:2021-08-14 12:25 Browse(null)
Although it's not absolute that there is no good product at a low price, it's better to be careful if the price of a certain commodity is obviously lower than that of other similar commodities
Author:Ouyang Xinghong   Time:2021-08-09 17:55 Browse(null)
I bought it on Taobao. Why didn't I find it
Author:Larry   Time:2021-08-02 21:52 Browse(null)
I bought it on Taobao. Why didn't I find it
Author:Larry   Time:2021-08-02 21:52 Browse(null)
Train number
Author:Ye Yin   Time:2021-07-31 13:34 Browse(null)
Now the LCD has no lamp, have been replaced by LED. 260 must be expensive. The cost price is about 50 yuan
Author:lele   Time:2021-07-29 21:51 Browse(null)
Hard to find, you can try to find Jingdong, Jingdong special 599 yuan 19 inch monitor/
Author:cherry   Time:2021-07-29 18:02 Browse(null)
Prices range from 1000 to 5000~
Author:Pan Lina   Time:2021-07-27 18:06 Browse(null)
First line brands such as Samsung and ASUS are about 650, which are neither too high nor too low. Second line brands such as Haier, Tsinghua and Tongfang are about 550, and then there are miscellaneous brands 500 capped
Author:Hu Yumei   Time:2021-07-15 21:46 Browse(null)
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