You said this kind of situation, my home sharp 8K definition TV has not appeared, the model is lcd-80xu35a, is also 80 inch, using sharp's exclusive new generation of four-color technology, x8-mep professional image processing engine, new generation of bright color technology and new wide color gamut technology, image display clarity reaches 8K level, much higher than 4K TV! Whether it's playing static pictures or fast-moving dynamic pictures, it can keep 8K resolution, and there is no frame dropping or shadow dragging. Am I lucky!
Author:Hu Changxi   Time:2021-09-11 15:44 Browse(null)
Author:Han Jingshuai   Time:2021-09-09 09:05 Browse(null)
Recently, the consumer report of the United States gave an authoritative evaluation after evaluating the 8K TV: the 8K TV sold by Samsung Electronics in the United States is not as good as the 4K TV
Author:Wang Guangpu   Time:2021-07-04 09:23 Browse(null)
There is nothing to compare. 8K TV refers to picture quality, OLED TV refers to TV panel. 8K TV is not yet in the popularization stage. The price of 8K TV launched by sharp is close to 5W, but 8K TV is still the trend of TV development in the future
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