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If the LCD is really broken, there is no value in repairing it. If you really want to change it, it will cost half a TV. If a friend breaks down, the circuit board can be replaced.
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LCD TV display is not easy to break, once broken, it is difficult to repair, not easy to repair, can only replace new, belongs to high-grade durable consumables, and replacement trouble, operation is difficult, basically a molding, so expensive is inevitable.
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No, I'd better change a TV. I can buy a very good LCD TV for more than 3000
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In addition to doing image design, it must be good to use LCD.
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In 2008, the biggest thing in the LCD TV consumer market is the establishment of a new purchasing habit of "buy LCD, touch", and the subsequent "IPS hard screen sales boom" which has been continuing to this day. In fact, when we look back at 2009 in the new year, we find that "IPS hard screen" has been widely praised as the pronoun of "good picture quality and high quality". Different from the curiosity and expectation of consumers about "hard screen" in 2008, many consumers have taken "hard screen" series products as rational choices this year.
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At present, the average 50 inch TV is only about 1500, and the screen replacement price is basically 70% of the TV price plus the maintenance cost, so they all buy new ones directly and no one repairs them.
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display? Isn't that the screen! The whole thing is scrapped. To change the screen, it's very expensive just to buy a screen. 19 inches, about 500/
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It depends on your needs
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Please describe it again. What are the definitions of "display screen" and "screen"?
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Special liquid crystal screen wiping cloth should be used, and appropriate amount of deionized water or special cleaning agent should be used to gently wipe. If possible, water spraying is better. Keep the cloth slightly wet, not too wet. The special wiping cloth is made of special fiber, which is softer and more delicate than ordinary wiping cloth. It is not easy to damage the LCD screen, and can also eliminate static electricity.
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Notebook is 14 inch Samsung screen, notebook graphics card may not be HDMI, LCD TV is 21 - 24 inch, LED is generally full HD
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1. If the scratch is not serious and does not affect the normal use, it is recommended to continue to use;
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The first is the LCD panel, the second is the quality and order of backlight tubes, and the third is the circuit board, namely the color processing circuit. IPS hard screen panel is favored by Dacong! Long life, low power consumption, reliable!
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① This LCD TV has no toughened screen. The LCD TV panel is made of stainless steel
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Only change the screen! It's not worth repairing.
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No leakage
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The TV screen is dusty. Don't wipe it with water. Just teach you one move
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There are several reasons for LCD TV to appear this situation.
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The easiest way is to make the screen black to see if there are bright spots in a piece of pure black. Then let the screen all white to see if there are black spots. Finally, red, green and blue are used to check the integrity of the color spots. Purchase IPS hard screen panel, the probability of bad screen is very small!
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