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If the LCD advertising machine can input the VGA signal needed by the computer monitor, and has the matching resolution, I think it can be used.
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1、 General computer monitor and TV have the following differences:
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There are two kinds of advertising screens: digital tube and liquid crystal. Most of the digital tube screens can not be directly connected to the computer, but are connected to the computer through a specific controller, and then indirectly controlled by the computer. There are many kinds of LCD screens. Some special screens have special resolution and screen specifications. They are also indirectly connected to the computer through the controller. Most other LCD screens support the direct access of computer video signals. There is little difference between such screens and computer monitors in use. In addition, the advertising screen also has multi screen splicing, or with touch function. The multi screen splicing needs to be indirectly controlled by a specific controller, and can also be installed in the computer/
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Because of the different resolution, TV generally can not reach a very high resolution. Like the more advanced TV now, the general picture can reach 1020p. Specific you can go to Baidu to search.
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Now you can watch TV on the monitor without additional accessories, such as the 22-26 TV monitor of youpai
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LCD computer 7a686964616fe78988e69d8331333236356661, because the computer is made of a variety of chemicals, even if the LCD screen is better, but long-term computer, radiation will make your eyes cataract, retinal membrane will fall off and other diseases. It's better not to watch the computer for a long time. LCD computer screen is more harmful to eyesight
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When cleaning, you should use deerskin or high-grade eyewear cloth to gently wipe,
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The difference is that LCD TV is TV screen and LCD computer is PC screen. LCD TV screen is better than LCD computer in displaying dynamic images.
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1、 General computer monitor and TV have the following differences:
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It's better not to use LCD TV screen instead of computer screen. Due to different application fields, the screen, size, brightness, contrast, gamut, color temperature, response time, interface and so on are different. In their respective fields, it can be said that they can not perfectly replace each other.
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LED display backlight meter is generally greater than 12V, according to different display settings. You can try the following methods:
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The problem of high voltage display
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19 inches
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A little different from the conventional LCD design, some Samsung models omit the OSD key design, only keep the switch key, and do not need to pay attention to the function of each key and each function, because this kind of display has been adjusted to the best performance state when it leaves the factory. Just press the key to turn on the display and it can be used. The simple switch key design avoids the inconvenience caused by the user's arbitrary adjustment of the display. When the host wants to adjust the parameters of the display, just use the magic tune software provided by Samsung to install on the host, which is intuitive and convenient.
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Is it possible to turn on the monitor for 3-5 minutes after it is turned on for 1 hour? If so, the lamp of the monitor is useless. Go to the warranty department
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The LCD is flashing. It is recommended that you:
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I have one of the common faults of Samsung display, which is also the same fault. I deal with it in this way: take apart the display, remove the driver board, cut the MCU chip (there is a sticker on it, generally more than 40 legs, all around) with an art knife full along the legs, take it off, clean the board with a soldering iron, buy a MCU seat, weld it on, buy a chip with a good program on Taobao, and install it directly.
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Samsung display is black screen, suggestions:
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